if the mayor and isabelle are both in the tournament...

skeleton/skull (halloween decoration) 

managed to actually draw a thing today... i have no idea what or who it is though haha

90F (32C) and sunny, but that won't stop my spook! I've been wearing black all summer and I'm not stopping now!!! (work clothes selfie) 

also when we were playing shadowrun, my character made the fake ids for the run, and i showed up to the game session with actual id cards to hand out to everyone :)

couple pics from NMS space adventures today~ that planet had the thickest rings i have ever seen!

takin my space jammies and goin into space~⭐️

lewd doodles, masturbation 

good end to the day, crackin mythics in mtg puzzle quest! 

omg this is my new fav dropmix card art (cw food i guess??) 

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