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i'm going to exclusively refer to elder scrolls blades as iRim and i'm very sorry for that

i only slept in two hour chunks last night, let's see if i can make it through work today 😴

the curse of watching food shows, i know i'll be craving seventeen things at the end of watching each episode

i can only watch an episode or two of the great british baking show, or else i might be up til four in the morning trying to bake things i've never had before

i woke up at 4 this morning and then startled myself because i'd forgotten that i put a glow in the dark topcoat on my nails

that sounds so fake. "i can't, i have to, uh, go to church" "oh? which one?" "oh... uh... bible... church?"

whyyyy would you call your church the Most Precious Blood Church. like, i know why, but WHYY. it sounds like it's vampires that arent even trying very hard.


Going to start a 5ive cover's boy band called F5, we'll play refreshing takes on their 90s-00s hits

femdom: wanting to be dominated by a female

wisdom: wanting to be dominated by a wizard

curled up in bed listening to the rain and making it really hard to convince myself to get up

this weekend has been perfect hoodie weather, and i am so happyyy

birthday get together for a friend, drinks, board games, and watching Doom together. perfect saturday! also snuggly puppers

managed to actually draw a thing today... i have no idea what or who it is though haha

although i must also remind myself that this does NOT mean i can stay up until four playing xcom

i just remembered that i dont have to be in til noon tomorrow and felt such a wave of relief wash over me

oh fuck yes the doom movie is on netflix. who wants to have a drinking and enjoying fantastically awful movies with me?

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