I would go for at least 16 GB of RAM and Ryzen 5 3600, a bit more resources will give you more time until the next upgrade is "needed" and more cores/RAM is very useful for virtualisation.

Warum fällt mir dazu als erstes Hans Söllner ein? 🎶"Kokain, weisser Rum..." 🎶


The admins of mstdn.social blocked distrotoot.com bc it is "A Gab copy"?

Hey @derek your Mastodon instance must be worse then the Discord server you deleted. 🤣

@dfeury @BrodieOnLinux @epidermal_wackiness

Give us a timely heads up at what time this stream is going live.
For sure don't want to miss that 😱 😁

Hmmm, depends... I'm using my phone atm, my screen keyboard has a section for emojis. There is a emoji button in the Fedilab app too but it just shows the server emojis I think...

Moment mal, du schreibst doch Englisch...🤔🤨😁

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The #PinePhone modem (yes, the modem) can now run Linux kernel 5.10 ( @postmarketOS )... we're sure many of you know where this is heading :)
Massive thanks to biktorgj, konradybcio and others.

Yes, absolutely successful premiere. A good stream needs some rough edges and weird moments :thinkerguns:

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The fancy thing about it is the folding part, x86 tablets aren't a new thing. Fujitsu Siemens Stylistic series for example (using Intel Core2duo CPUs), they even had Wacom graphic tablet input build into the screen, not "just" a touchscreen. A few years ago a lot of chinese dualboot tablets (Win10/Android) with Atom CPUs flooded the market but they are a pain to work with...

Now I want to watch Miyazaki-sans "The yandere God" to experience the story of Ring Claw guilds magical magician Edward Mustang...

oh, shouldn't your no 4 be "Evil Natsu" since it asks for the last letter of your last name?

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Youtube-dl getting taken down is bad, and a zillion mirrors instantly springing up is good and necessary, but how about:

-> stop using youtube
-> stop using github
-> stop giving money to RIAA members

Gratis? Knapp 20€ Zwangsabgabe pro Haushalt und Monat würde ich nicht gratis nennen. Wenn man sich anschaut was die so im Jahr an Steuergeldern ausgeben sollte man da schon mehr erwarten dürfen...

Kennt man ja, die Rechte der Bürger sind völlig egal. Aber wenn dann mal Datensätze der werten Damen und Herren im Netz landen, die ein "Hobbyhacker" sich auf Grund nicht vorhandener Sicherheitsvorkehrungen einfach aneignen konnte, ja dann ist das Geschrei gross und man würde am liebsten die Todesstrafe wieder einführen... Unfähigkeit scheint heutzutage Tugend zu sein.

Sure, how many LBC at what price in which currency and with which payment method?

The main problem with LBRY is most people just see it as alternative to YT.
Nobody seems to understand that it is a protocol with namespace resolution via blockchain. No need to stick to centralised lbry.tv or to use their app (well, someone has to build an otherone first). The same with the trending algorithm, run your own wallet server and you decide what is shown...

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