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Drinking a Garden of Death by @ Thirsty Churchside Biergarten —

Drinking a Funny Bone by @ Thirsty Churchside Biergarten —

Drinking a Doom Bar by @ The Golden Hind —

Tastes a bit tired here... - Drinking an 6X by @ The Golden Hind —

Lovely and fruity, could be a little more sour, but NO WAY this thing is 9%...really! - Drinking a Mr. Blue 2018 by -

A little thin for a stout, but nicely balanced hops, a hint of coffee and not to sweet - Drinking a Salvation #8 - Dry Hopped Irish Stout by at —

Drinking a Lemon Drizzle by at —

No really...they hate each other!

Drinking a Black Hole Porter by @ Live and Let Live —

A little sweet but nice & flavoursome - Drinking The Shed Head by Backyard Brewery @ The Architect —

is it really a requirement to block all the cycle lanes when doing building work?

is there anyone alive stupid enough to believe these lies from our PM?

It's truly staggering that the country is being treated with such disrespect...

Still prefer the original Stay Puft over either this or the Imperial too chocolaty for me - Drinking a Chocolate Stay Puft by -

Still prefer the original Stuf Puft to either this or the imperial...too chocolate for me really - Drinking a Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter by -

Drinking a Spiral Stout by @ Drayman's Son — a proper nice beer :-) - Drinking a Coconut Porter by @ Drayman's Son —

in The Draymans Son, Ely, enjoying a decent pint and a decent book

Nice, full bodied, ruby mild :-) - Drinking a Mild Ale by @ Drayman's Son —

Trying to get to Ely to a Sunday afternoon beer but the trains seems to have other ideas...

Fruity, sour, rich, intense...and really rather moreish :-) - Drinking a Red Wolf by -