Trying to catch a 2nd wind at 7.30pm when it’s actually 1.30am in my personal time zone...and am failing utterly. Oh hai again

Drinking a Doom Bar by at —

GDPR test case I guess?!?
RT It turns out the UK's first ever enforcement notice under GDPR went to Aggregate IQ: <- new by me


Dolphins beat The Jets 20-12 to go 2-0 up against the predictions of basically everyone :-)

Drinking a Rupture Fresh Grind Ale by @ Aviator's Sports Bar Bar-b-que —

Drinking a Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA by @ Aviator's Sports Bar Bar-b-que —

Ribs, Jalapeño beans & creamed Spinach as a light lunch

tried to use the new app to follow the Singapore qualifying...the audio stream was appalling (didn't work at all for Q3) and the timing updates kept stopping. Either roll back to the app that I paid for or give me my money back.

'watched' Keeping up with the Kardashians(?) as it was on in the gym.

As I understand it it's about a camera crew following a self help group for people addicted to plastic surgery, and who are famous because they're being followed by a camera crew who are filming them?!?

RT So dramatic! Dude from the weather channel bracing for his life, as 2 dudes just stroll past.


Drinking a Colorado Red Ale by @ Black Shirt Brewing Co. —

Drinking an Up & About Mocha Milk Stout by @ RiNo Beer Garden —

Drinking a Turbo Juice by @ Black Shirt Brewing Co. —

Drinking a Princess Yum Yum Raspberry by -

Still trying to figure out how I’d put bouncy corners onto a iPhone with an edge to edge display?!?

MMmmmm, chocolaty :-) - Drinking a Graham Cracker Porter by -

Drinking a Finer Things by at —

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