w00t! Brilliant news :-)

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The BLOODHOUND Team are delighted to announce a purchaser for the business and assets has been secured, which will allow the project to continue. Read the full story here: bloodhoundssc.com/news/frp-adv

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Crisp, fruity, juicy lovely...lacks a little depth (a tanked sour I assume?) but a cracking refreshing beer - Drinking an A•W18 One-Off Cranberry & Papaya Sour by @cloudwaterbrew@twitter.com at @ThirstyCamb@twitter.com — untp.beer/s/c686648356

Excuse my French but Fuck Me! That’s a full on juicy punch in the face! :-D - Drinking a Monster IIIPA by @hetuiltje@twitter.com/@northbrewco at @ThirstyCamb@twitter.com — untp.beer/s/c686640439

Just nosing this beer is making me smile :-) *tastes* Man alive this thing is so good it should be available on prescription as a cure-all! - Drinking a Bourbon BA Imperial Stout by @cloudwaterbrew@twitter.com/@JWakefieldBeer at @ThirstyCamb@twitter.com — untp.beer/s/c686631311

Not as much finish as I expected...but I expected A LOT! The red wine does add something interesting though :-) - Drinking a Red Wine BA Chocolate Porter by @cloudwaterbrew@twitter.com at @ThirstyCamb@twitter.com — untp.beer/s/c686627428

8.5% Really?!? That’s just stupidly drinkable. Lovely and juicy :-) - Drinking an A•W18 Brewed All Season DIPA by @cloudwaterbrew@twitter.com at @ThirstyCamb@twitter.com — untp.beer/s/c686620991

For the 2nd time is as many months I’m in another country wondering if they’ll still be a government when I get home!

the Alexanderplatz Christmas market has gone full Boney M!

No snow, and not quite cold enough but it’s still very Christmassy and very markety:-)

I assume all the people claiming that a 2nd referendum would be a “stab in the back for democracy”, are dialling 999 right now to report the murder of democracy after Mrs May cancelled the “meaningful vote” by MPs on the deal?!?

Whatever is was...it’s now a) empty, and b) wonderfully batshit crazy :-)

Abandoned Office/Restaurant or film set for a distopian 70s Sci-Fi film?!? @RMH40@twitter.com

Bit too sweet and not enough beer. LOADS of cherry though :-) - Drinking a Kirsch Porter by Bergquell Brauerei Löbau - untp.beer/s/c685934072

I know a few of the Cellar crew who’d appreciate this place ;-)

Drinking a Dunkel by Augustiner-Bräu München @ Augustiner — untp.beer/s/c684635281

Damn...batshit crazy but I really though with all the work they’d done Bloodhound SSC actually had a shot at the 1000mph barrier :-/
RT @sscmark@twitter.com Big kick in the proverbials for all involved.


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Thought we’d come into Germany through the EU Citizens queue...might be the last chance we get :-/

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