OH MY GOD! It came out?!??!


I played the free alpha they had for this game like 3 years ago. I really wanted them to make it into a full game (even though their alpha was pretty extensive and full)
I really wanted to tell them to “hurry up!”, but at the same time I really wanted them to take as long as possible, and make it as amazing as possible. And it appears they have 💖

@kvnvallis Maybe not for everyone 😂
Orthro Robot was pretty awesome though.

family bullshit 

@raphael If you would like me to “butt out”, don’t air your dirty laundry publicly expecting people to agree with you.

Back on topic: Have a respectful conversation with your parents about how you wouldn’t like those photos to be posted publicly. 😊 Yes your consent does matter for taking photos... (unless you’re under 18 in North America.)

Things to consider: The person giving you a present 🎁 has the right to revoke consent as well. (Which is what happened)

family bullshit 

@spud You missed the quotes. If you’re going to try and make fun of me, do it right. 😊

family bullshit 

@spud if you’d like to have an open debate I’m all for it.

But with your current reply, I can’t even tell what you are taking issue with. You haven’t even made any indication that you disagree with me; just a derogatory remark. For all I know you could be saying this because of my race, sexuality, or gender. But that’s not it... right?

family bullshit 

@raphael Unfortunately I side on the side of your parents. Part of a family event is taking family photos.

30 years from now those photos will be all you have of that moment.

@esm you’ve peaked my curiosity. What is this? And how do I make it?

food pics 

@pounce Looks delightful! Definitely a healthy way to start the day!

@Balestrapatrick I’d recommend for personal goals:
- Start saving and investing (Stock market only takes like $200 to buy into).
- Look into buying property.
- Relationships are fun.
- Is this the job you want to be doing?
- Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? How can you do it? Do it.

@Balestrapatrick As a nerd I’d recommend to everyone that they resolve to:
- Change all their passwords to longer random passwords using a password manager.
- Setup 2 factor authentication with Authy on every site they can (including this one). (twofactorauth.org/)

Just because it’s important to set yourself up not to get hacked. That can be a real setback.

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@va1kyrie it’s an Apple 🍎 Who doesn’t like apples?

I suppose I should mention that 6 devices (15 microphones) are always listing... that I know of.

I have however seen my smart lights sending an unusually large number of packets to an amazon w3 server.

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@chillallmen answer this riddle. It might help.

Does a Dog Dog if a Dog Dug Dig Dog Dug?

@kvnvallis Here’s a new version that I actually approve of. It’s about 300% harder.



This toot is the epitome of why the internet was invented.

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