Halfway done! Two interviews down, one tryout and one interview left.

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I have three interviews in the next seven days. Pray for this introvert...

Pretty sure I just flunked an impromptu phone interview.

with training, dogs 🤝 person
being able to open doors

drinking too much alcohol 🤝 Drinking enough beer
being able to make you drunk

The billionaire defenders are out in force on my tweeter timeline today :/

Fucking furious about our building manager, who told us multiple times on the phone that they would foot the bill for a repair and then replied to the invoice by saying he never agreed to it.

I took off the metal plate on our bathtub today to access the pipes for cleaning and our guest cat managed to sneak in there while I wasn't looking. He didn't make a peep while I was closing it back up so it took us half an hour to find him!

A neighbor asked about borrowing some embroidery tools in our building's WhatsApp group and now she's posted a picture of a silk handkerchief she embroidered with the words "male tears" :D

im old enough to remember when patreon was solely the platform of dirt poor queers and dirt poor women. i miss those days when we ran in the halls and corridors, looked down upon because we were 'begging on the internet' but happy in our enclave until the fascists and videogamesmen arrived at the gates shrieking

After weeks of hammering into our heads that our presentations absolutelu cannot be longer than 12 minutes or we'll run out of time, my professor interrupted me 11m30s into mine to say I could go on a bit longer. Alright, let me just pull some more material out of my ass.

Boy this game of Subterfuge sure filled me up with salt.

I might try to organize a game of Subterfuge towards the end of the year, is anyone here interested in that before I put feelers out on birdsite?

Seeing people post "What am I to you?" is giving me an Adventure Time earworm.

Spoilers for Ascension 

What they're actually trying to do is some garbage about "speeding up evolution". Because an environment where people limit births for fear of overpopulation is a great way to get those random mutations, yup yup.

And what magical power are they trying to create? The ability to travel to other planets by way of teleportation. So the fake ship is still about space travel, somehow.

I cannot believe this fucking garbage. I love it.

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Spoilers for Ascension 

I have to talk about this incredible hot mess of a show. The premise is a 100 year mission to Proxima Centauri launched in the 60s.

Then you get a scene on earth implying the launch was secret and what the hell, there's no way you could hide a ship and project that big.

But then you get another scene and learn it's all fake, the ship never left earth, the whole thing is an experiment staged in a bunker. Which I guess makes it easier to hide, but it's even more ridiculous.

Tried ordering this book from the library, but my requests keep disappearing with no response. Another copy was supposed to be available at a different institute, but when I got there, it wasn't on the shelf.

When I get my hands on this book, it had better curse me with some real eldritch shit.

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