My dissertation defense is tomorrow and then the PhD is basically over. Without my family and my labmates and my accepting and understanding faculty I would surely not have made it through. I’ll post a stream link tomorrow.

Oh yeah. And the topic is applying game studies and game design theories to AI work in games like automated game playing, extracting design knowledge like maps automatically, and verifying that action or adventure games e.g. can be beaten

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I did it! Passed with just a few revisions. PhD basically in hand!

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@meena Sure! Once I make my revisions I’ll publish it online. Thanks for your interest!

@KamKooner Computer science, specifically applications of AI in the software development process (especially around games).

@JoeOsborn Your intelligence is nothing before mine. Take your puny brained methods, and disappear from before me. Coward.

@JoeOsborn Do not provoke me to brain blast, computer man.

@JoeOsborn Congrats!!!! 😊 I'll try to watch your dissertation today.

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