In today’s boring emacs news, I replaced my use of modalka for a quick navigation/editing mode with a simpler hydra that should be more robust. I also gave up helm for selectrum-prescient and started using ctrlf (I’ll just use occur if I need to see all the matches).

My favorite helmism besides swoop and M-x was helm-for-files, but it turns out reproducing its primary function (buffers and recentf) with completing-read only takes half a dozen lines. I lose locate but that should be fine.

Update: I forgot about helm-imenu and helm-kill-ring, so I borrowed helm’s imenu index flattening code (it looks a bit off right now since I don’t keep the category in the candidate text or deduplicate) and found out how to work with the kill ring, and now I have completing-read frontends for both of those! If it weren’t for org-ref I could uninstall helm completely!

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