So I read and really liked Vakil’s “Ethics, Identity, and Political Vision: Toward a Justice-Centered Approach to Equity in Computer Science Education”. Has anybody seen other good resources for attacking the problems of colonialism and antiblackness in CS education (I’m especially curious about the college level)? Boosts welcome.

Also, if you are BIPOC in CS undergrad or grad I would be glad to chat abt CS topics, research mentorship in AI or games, read PhD or academic job applications, etc.

We're not talking about licensing or copyleft in this week's chat, we'll be discussing ways to dismantle systemic racism in free software this week. Please join us,

@natecull Sorry, we have the lisp machines we deserve, not the lisp machines we need ;_;

@natecull You may be interested in Org’s column view mode as a way to get tabular representations of outlined data.

Spoilers for Mystery of Silver Mountain (1984), gratuitious spreadsheets 

@brennen @natecull And as ever, one of our main resources for far-out experiments is Ted Nelson:

I think the Eve project was interesting too:

But it does say a lot that I can only think of a couple tries at this. I feel like Org mode could be bent in this direction but it would need a lot of scaffolding.

@KitRedgrave This gets even more fun with abstract interpretation—I have a naive and probably unhelpful mental association between proof assistants like Isabelle/HOL and the ontological/epistemological commitments made by AI systems meant to model rational behavior or human-likeness.

@lorenschmidt I guess the planning community calls this top down vs reactive planning. I like to imagine a distinction between a plan and a control policy, where a plan sets objectives that a control policy (reactively) achieves. But this is very mechanistic and I think less hierarchical approaches are important.

Planning can happen in a reactive setting if the agent also embeds its memory in the environment or other agents (and not the agent itself); Agre argued that this was more human-like.

Announcing the SourceHut project hub 🎉

I don't usually explicitly ask for shares, but this is a big deal for SourceHut - the project hub solves one of our major goals for the alpha. Please help spread the word ❤️

Still two days left to submit workshop proposals for AIIDE 2020, this years installment of the virtual conference on game AI!

The format is wide open so please consider submitting a proposal if you want to talk about any weird game AI related stuff! If you’re curious about what’s in scope I’d be glad to talk about it!

Boosts welcome of course!

I met a guy the other day who labels things for health food stores. It was my first time running into a paleoontologist.

A student just emailed me to ask for some pointers in using emacs for paper writing and python development.

Just be cool, try to keep the reply under 10KB...

Very excited for my end of semester gift to myself, “probably break my computer by upgrading to ubuntu 20.04”

Update: I forgot about helm-imenu and helm-kill-ring, so I borrowed helm’s imenu index flattening code (it looks a bit off right now since I don’t keep the category in the candidate text or deduplicate) and found out how to work with the kill ring, and now I have completing-read frontends for both of those! If it weren’t for org-ref I could uninstall helm completely!

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In today’s boring emacs news, I replaced my use of modalka for a quick navigation/editing mode with a simpler hydra that should be more robust. I also gave up helm for selectrum-prescient and started using ctrlf (I’ll just use occur if I need to see all the matches).

My favorite helmism besides swoop and M-x was helm-for-files, but it turns out reproducing its primary function (buffers and recentf) with completing-read only takes half a dozen lines. I lose locate but that should be fine.

@ebel I’ve had good luck with v4l2loopback and both obs and ffmpeg, but I had to disable secure boot for the current bug fix version to work on Ubuntu 18.04 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I can no longer pick weeds in view of my kids. My daughter has started yanking on random plants and it has got to stop

@nielsk I have been moving more of my day into BeOrg in part for this reason, and only ducking into fantastical or stock calendar for things I need to share with others/invitations.

@bstacey Instructors at Pomona have discretion to P/NC grade any individual students (after consultation with the student as I understand).

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