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"interactivity" is any behavior of an object which flatters us

I use my Yubikey for gpg auth and encrypt with two subkeys of the same key. But if I do one and then the other (eg auth, encrypt), gpg-agent can’t find the second key unless I unplug, reinsert, and re-enter my PIN; then I need to do that all over again to do the first (eg auth again). Is that normal?

I’m weirdly hooked on this silly Goto80 track:

CW: food with human mouths, disorienting camera work. The tune is not at all concerning, the video is just a bit weird.

Liquid Stranger has a remix which is also pretty funny?

This is what snacks will be like in the Simulation.

The gpt-2 neural net attempted to add to a list of British snacks and came up with these.


Curry is basically a perfect food. The one thing it’s missing is a contrasting textural element, IMO. Crispy rice on top of curry is a great solution, as is curry udon. Naan also works of course!

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My son has independently invented humoral medicine. “Daddy this beeping noise means you have too much blood. You have too much blood in this arm.”

New #IASGE post up ✍️

Genevieve, the research scientist for LIS, continuing her environmental scan, wrote about current approaches to self-archiving source code 👩‍💻

Read it here:

And if you want to get auto-updated when we post something new, we have an RSS feed too:

So I guess my four year old kid likes C64 chiptune musician Goto80 now? Specifically the album Floptrik?

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I found the best marrow toast recipe in this month’s Bone Appétit! -Apple -material -flat -osx -monochrome -windows10 -windows8 -circle -mac

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Who decided to call it the American Automobile Association and not the Autobahn Society?

Who decided to call it “boiling over” and not “foam on the range”?

I love kids’ expressions of elemental rage.

“I will kick! Your leg!”

“You’re it!”

“I’m gonna throw you in the garbage!”

Their emotions are so far ahead of their ability to express them that they reach for really interesting choices.

Making your own work lunch is great because you can do things you’d never be allowed to do at home. You can put blue cheese dressing on spring mix. You can make a sandwich out of literally any leftover you have.

That little buzz of animal pleasure when you pick exactly the right food storage container for the amount of food you have left over

is there anyone in the fediverse working/researching in computational chemistry / molecular dynamics / anything adjacent to that?

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