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what the fuck is going on. What the fUck is going on?

getting kicked out of the office because I keep calling sausages "thick meat noodles"

getting in to a speed metal frenzy in the office

thinking of cutting all the arms of my t-shirts

You know I'm having a good time if I'm watching back to back 90s alt rock music videos. Just great

lmao my mum told me the other day that I'd grow out of my opinions - is that really something people say to a 30 year old?!

genuine question, how the fuck do I get out of my own head

I wish grizzly bears were as cuddly as they looked, rather than being Extremely Dangerous

there's two things I love about pride month: cynical marketing, and hordes of closeted homophones trying to convince themselves that they don't care

I love music, and yet if you ask me which are my favourite songs, I wouldn't remember any of the titles

nothing beats the cheapest cider you can possibly get. aside from drinking gasoline

Ooh, I can set fav / boost / follower stats to hidden! I like that

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not feeling great, up in the head. was feeling great earlier, but now it's shit. amazing how mood can change

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