That last boost was, I admit, a catalyst to my laughter.

"chemistry professors too formulaic" claims recent report

So, my earlier toot was more reaction than anything else. I haven't had the energy to put together an online portfolio, but I have an ongoing react project (that's alpha/beta) at

I'm looking for work around Columbus, Ohio, or work from home (my current job is both those things:) I've been on the web since before there was web, and do fullstack development, lots of JS, C# and PHP

Thanks to everyone boosting and passing on my situation!

Aaaand, I just got layed off. (I've got at least another month of work, at least).

So, anyone need a front end nodejs, reactjs, c# php kind of person?

And I've redesigned and redeployed my stories website at

My last static blog was in hexo, this one is in Gatsby, and I'm realizing how comfortable I'm getting with React. So that makes me feel accomplished.

Now to right some stories that aren't at least 7 years old.

Anyone on here have any thoughts on slate vs draftjs vs some other react-based rich text editor/system?

@c0debabe I'm a web dev interested in usability and accessibility. Sorry for the follow req before the mention.

Went outside and nothing that wasn't supposed to be on fire was. I'm sure some stuff I couldn't see was on fire (but maybe it was supposed to be, too).

I'll figure that out later.

tech rambling 

I like my react ecosystem better, it's more comfortable to me (and I've built it that way). Tonight I finished setting up jest the way I want it after ejecting create-react-app (which I've rarely used, but it was nice this time)

I admit that vuejs tooling is much simpler, since I discovered today a way to work with vue that required no tooling beyond what we have already (which is some typescript imports). Just export a config object, and go.

tech rambling 

So, today I unwound the weird vuejs code my co-worker wrote and made actual, composable components, and built a UI out of it, with actual event handlers and data updates.

It's still mostly a mock up of the UI, but it's definitely advanced. Oh, and as of Monday, I didn't know vuejs at all. I'm not an expert now, but there's some transferable knowledge from React.

I think it's a sign of my age, and so many years working without good source control, but this is hard sometimes for me to embrace.

But when I remember, there's a sense of peace about it, I can't lose what I've done, it's safe and I can experiment. Git makes a safe space in that way, for me.

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One thing I love about git is the ability to just go down a blind alley. Set a commit, screw around then reset back to the commit when it doesn't work. I want to know how an unreversable operation effects me without risk? It's not un-reversable with git.

TypeScript makes me sad. One of my co-worker's JavaScript looks like he wrote it in C#.

I need to work somewhere people are much less into OO and more functional style.

I want to listen to this podcast, but it's 1.5h long. Maybe I'm too old for podcasts?

So, is there a guide to what should have CWs, judging by my timeline it's more extensive than I'd expect from my experience (which is fine, just means I need more info).

RE: Last boost, so that's why they call me Null Undefined, but you can call me BUFFER_UNDERFLOW

your hacker name is the first CVE ID you were credited with discovering XORed with the first CVE ID assigned by someone else to your code

The paradox of productivity in 2018 is even if you're writing a quantum tech article whilst simultaneously dogwalking, podcasting your fourth Ph. D, & inventing the next revolutionary drudge-work-automating app (that will be consumed by a tech giant), you'll always be making not-enough per hour for a dignified existence.

No amount of neurohack pills, 180-hour crunches and AI assistants will ever free us, because neofeudal capitalism will consume all abundance.

The wheel must break.

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