An algorithm is just some person’s will made manifest. So the key question is: “whose will?” Yours? Or some douchebag billionaire’s?

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On a related note, I'm enjoying trying out Sites. Lovely to use. IF they get the CMS and the pricing right, I might end up moving most of my projects over from Webflow.

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It feels like there's a huge gap. It doesn't need to be highly customisable, just basic stuff. with ads is free, then the next up is £12-16 a month - Wordpress pro, , , etc. What's in between these?

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Is there a cheap platform or setup that is easy to use for non-techy folk (no self hosting or installs), lets you remove 'made with company' logos, and is less than £12 / $15 a month? Asking for a friend.

People say Mastodon is confusing.
Isn’t it that barrier to entry that keeps it a friendly (and geeky?) place, compared to Twitter?
It’s not worth working out, just to post a two-word abusive message or a reaction gif.

Hey, WeTransfer, I’ve heard a lot of Silicon Valley bullshit in my time but “we must violate your privacy to save the trees” is a new one even for me.

Please, take a fucking bow.


‘Describing a sunset by Pantone numbers’. I’m always wary of comparing to art or the beauty of nature itself, but there can definitely be too much focus on quantitative metrics. Same goes for .

Also remember that you can download an archive of your data before you close your account from:

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