I was among those affected by the layoffs at Cylance, and so am now looking for work. I've been working on my OSCP, and am searching for either a junior penetration testing position, or a blue team position, in NYC or remote.

If I don't find work by the end of the month, I may be open to relocation, but for now, I'm trying to stay in the city. If you know of anyone hiring in my area that you'd recommend working for, please drop me a line here or on Twitter.

@r4stl1n Thanks. Yeah, it sucks. I really enjoyed working for Cylance. Right now just keeping afloat with a freelance pentest gig that I was fortunate enough to come by.

@John5hade Make sure your linkedin etc is up to date :) Should be hit up by recruiters like crazy


@r4stl1n I need to tweak it a bit and my former project manager offered to write a letter of recommendation. I need to ping him about that. Have already started passing my resume around privately, but I figured it's also time to start posting on here and Twitter about it.

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