I recognize that I can be seen as selfish, though I try not to be. Our relationship wasn't based solely around alcohol, but it was a steady mainstay. The dynamic has changed. We haven't had a date night since before she started going to AA. No longer can we while the day away at our favorite pub. We just don't have THAT anymore. It's difficult finding that common ground when life throws enough at you that it really should be the least of your concerns.



@beare There's ways to have date nights w/o alcohol, they'll just be different than what you used to do. Movies or something. Or find another shared activity that you two enjoy.

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@John5hade Absolutely. And I think I phrased it poorly. While date nights used to be easy because of what we could do, that's not the only limiting factor now. Finding an affordable babysitter, finding affordable activities, etc. It's one of those things that's like a cherry on top of all the extra stuff.

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