Make sure to vote, and then scream and cry if you lose, or smugly rub it in people's faces if you win!

I'm sorry, but whenever I see RDR2 my mind processes it as R2D2

Lot of posts on Mastodon that use English words, but are completely indecipherable.

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So many posts here that have no 'favourites', no comments, and no context.

I think you could write an algorithm that determines when major political events take place based solely on number of times the word 'fascist' appears in social media.

New to IT:
*sees old person using Windows XP*

IT veteran:
*Sees old person using Windows 95*
IT: "How's that working for you?"
Old Person: "It does what I want it to do"
IT: "Good" *walks away*

An average user went to a KDE convention once and got so lost he ended up in VI and may still be there to this day.

Sometimes futurists are right. Most of the time it turns out like the "House of the future" videos from the 1950's.

OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR social security number!

You ever think really loudly to yourself, and then start worrying that you said any of that out loud?

I think, no matter your race, gender, or political affiliation, we can all agree that Facebook should burn in the fiery pits of Hell.

Can't decide if a poster is trying to act smart, or if it's a bot that just threw a bunch of random words together...

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