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Koch-Funded ALEC Planned Since February To Claim The Election Was Stolen From Trump

Since August, more than 400 people have been evicted in Baltimore

Public interest lawyers say they are overwhelmed with struggling renters and harsh landlords. A march today calls for relief for renters and the homeless.

Journalists could help everyone immediately by ignoring Trump.

How many times after the election have we seen attention-grabbing headlines over Trump’s actions to overturn the election? I would read the article and see that the effort was considered legally impossible with a negligible chance of success.

The focus needs to be on fact. 

Perspective | The disinformation system that Trump unleashed will outlast him. Here’s what reality-based journalists must do about it.

We, (I) need this right now. Here's Barack Obama reassuring us that kindness, intelligence, and humor can once again be part of our daily interaction with a renewed White House.

For anyone that still dwells in that dubious region of "I've finally figured out these Trumpists!" ...
These are still questions that may forever be a mystery.

Who else likes to argue with Grammarly?

I'll be damned if I let my misuse of the passive voice be challenged. The split infinitive too!

Ha! "Sounds joyful Sounds friendly," they say!
"My arse!" I say.

"It's a darn good thing that justice is energizing because it matters."

On January 20th, after we let out a huge sigh of relief, we'll want to take a deep energizing breath because we've got a heck of a lot of work to do in cleaning up after this administration.

I wish I was stunned, but nobody in this administration has shown there's a depth that they won't sink to, especially when a woman in leadership is involved.

Whitmer: Atlas' call for Michiganders to 'rise up' against Covid restrictions 'took my breath away'

Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you focus ✨

Actual buttons used by the Richard Nixon Campaign in 1972. There’s no way people did not laugh at these 🤣🤣🤣

Here’s the thing: We knew schools were going to be hotspots and superspreader events. We *knew*. But someone found it profitable to send children to die.

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Astonishing that we live in a world where "going viral" is a commonly used English expression, but people seem surprised to learn that actual viruses do this.

There's a possibility that it is not so much that Mr. Trump can't accept (emotionally) that he's lost the election, but rather that he's found another way to make money from it by diverting money from PACs and legal defense fund into his and his family's own pockets.

Vanity Fair's article:


No, Donnie, the pharmaceutical companies aren't conspiring against you. Research scientists and medical doctors have a code of ethics, and, unlike you, they actually abide by it.

Trump's not worried about coronavirus cases skyrocketing in the US.

He's just upset that he's not getting credit for the development of a vaccine he had nothing to do with. 

Trump rails against ‘medical deep state’ after Pfizer vaccine news comes after Election Day:

I confess. I went over to the bird site and got a smile out of it.

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