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I haven't done one of these in a while. My friends at Democracy Town introduced me to the Fediverse. We also sought refuge from the bird site.
My bio tells you most of what I'm about and that URL, is my family.

Here's a trailer to the documentary I played a supporting role in. If it was a movie, I would have been part of the stage crew; low-key and behind the scenes.

A little good news today. It won't change the makeup of the court and we knew Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson had been confirmed, 53-47 and just had to be sworn in the day Justice Breyer retired, but let's take a moment to celebrate progress. It's too slow sometimes, but Black women can finally see themselves represented on the Supreme Court. I only wish it were a court that still held any legitimacy. May Justice Jackson be on the court long enough to see some legitimacy returned to it.

The producer and creator of the powerful, 'Handmaid's Tale' video will be on this evening's broadcast/ podcast of Meidas Touch.
At the top of this next hour.

"Time to expose the Fascist GOP"

"Roe V Wade: What You Can Do Now" by Rebecca Watson

Don't take matters into your own hands, (no matter how well-meaning). There are people who have trained and prepared for just this event.
Info on the National Network of Abortion Funds, here:

Wisconsin voters need to elect a new Senator. And Ron Johnson needs to download an app that makes it look like he is actually on the phone. #January6thCommitteeHearings

GOP Sen. Johnson Pretends on Phone to Dodge Jan. 6 Questions: Video

I'm all for making sure it's a good case as we just have one chance and even timing it out close to when people are voting, strategically, but we're stretching it out a bit here.

In any case, we should all advocate to our government on a regular basis as to what we put them there for.

It isn't a choice between high gas prices and low gas prices.

It's a choice between high gas prices with democracy and high gas prices with no democracy.

Plus Republican wars on minorities, immigrants, public schools, universities, science, medicine, women, LGBTQIA+ people and their families, our planetary ecosystem, the free press, Big Bird, Mickey Mouse, and any fellow Republicans who dare disagree with MAGA.

No, thanks.

Opinion | Here’s what voters will get if they cast their ballots based on gas prices-

If there is any "abnormal lifestyle choice" to be found right now, it's being in the Republican Party.

Trump supporters think that if he returns to power, that they're safe. They are dangerously mistaken. He will run over people like a steamroller. Ask people in authoritarian counties how many guns they own. Or TVs. Or homes, for that matter.

Both Crenshaw and Cornyn are Trump water carriers (and arrogant jerks.) The leopard still tried to eat their faces. It'll eat anyone else's it needs to, too. That's what extremism causes.

Texas Republicans Are Sewing Extremism Into the Fabric Of Their Party:

Rusty Bowers was a compelling witness, but it was Shaye Moss’s testimony that made my blood boil.

What Giuliani and Trump did to her, her mother, and grandmother was deranged.

While a Republican State House Speaker's testimony held great weight, nothing speaks to the abject cruelty, the ultimate pettiness, the misdirected criminal intent and effect of Trump's sordid, twice-impeached, disgraced time in office, and clear conspiracy to overturn a free and democratic election than the intimidation of this election worker, her mother, and grandmother.

They certainly threatened Bowers and his family, but they did not burst open his grandmother's door waving faked documents and demanding a house arrest. They did that to Moss because she is Black.

I hope numerous torts and civil lawsuits await Trump---on top of the many felony charges I hope Justice is preparing for him. It can't happen soon enough.

Jan 6. panel witnesses recount post-election threats of violence-

"But, we're recycling!" isn't cutting it. The plastics industry is the fossil fuels industry, and they've been lying to us. Same as the chemical agriculture, factory farming, and the whole notion of "economic growth" with extractive industries that don't give back to the communities they ultimately depend on. The thing they do "give back" is pollution, injustice, and a false sense of status.

Living in a world of shitty things is not a valid excuse for not doing good things.

Insurrectionist Anti-Vax Doctor Simone Gold Was Just Sentenced to 60 Days in Prison

@ in a country where stealing a bottle of beer gets one 6 months, looks like what it is ... wasp priviledge, above laws ... side effects of kkkristian amerikkka ... @

"People often ask me, what can they do to solve the climate crisis?"

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, climate leader, TED Talk on YouTube:

"What keeps me up at night is the distance between what the science is asking us to do and the extraordinary level of transformation that’s required on all levels of society in order to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change." _Lily Cole

Me too.

Here's a very good resource for reporting on the environment:

There's also a kid's newsletter to help get young activists empowered for action.

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