Trump appointed a megadonor with ZERO post office experience to sabotage the post office. Plainly, a traitorous, authoritarian move of a desperate despot!

Question to & friends:
Besides getting out to vote in droves;
What can we do about this?!
Suggestions please.

I'm buying as many postage stamps for as I can afford. It's not much but, it's something.

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This has come up a couple of times lately and voting his enablers and him out is really all we're down to, John.

Nobody but Democrats and the Independents who vote with them will hold him accountable under any circumstances.

It's why I talk so much about the importance of voting as a unit and in large numbers.

It's all we have left except what I believe will be an unprecedented protest if he refuses to leave.

@TonyStark @JohnJClimateMarcher I have to agree.

There's no sign of any other way. The abuses are so far gone and Republicans seem to enjoy it.

@SteveRogers @TonyStark
It's gotten so that when I call my Representative, Paul Cook (R) CA District-8, I just sigh, "Well, here goes nothing..."
But, I make the call anyway.
I only hope I can tie up his aides time-wise and encourage them to wear a mask at the office.

I still call. I was still showing up at offices until we couldn't in March.

It gives you things to share with other people on Republicans' ineptitude/lack of governing interest.


@JohnJClimateMarcher @SteveRogers @TonyStark
Any call, email or office visit is counted as a contact about a issue and reported on. They are always worth the time!


I've been doing this kind of thing for a long time.

You may have been, too.

You used to be able to make headway with a Republican with calls, letters, and visits, sometimes. No longer.

They all have to go.

@JohnJClimateMarcher @SteveRogers

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