The Newsom recall attempt should concern us all. Not only is it funded by anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers like the leading Republican candidate, and right-wing extremists, but if it succeeds—and should Senator Dianne Feinstein leave her seat, we face the very real danger of having a GOP Senator appointed in CA and losing our slim majority in the Senate.

That's besides the damage a Republican governor could do to the state of California.

The good news is it is stoppable, and you can help stop it. Here are 3 ways:
#California #CallToAction :CTA:

California recall candidate Larry Elder 'not sure' climate change is reason for state's wildfires:

Phone bank with the California Democratic Party to tell voters to vote NO on the recall of Governor Newsom. Training provided if needed. #CallToAction #California #CaliforniaRecall 2/4

Phone Bank to Stop the Recall · Grassroots Democrats HQ:

Sign up to send text messages.

Reaching out to Californians via text message is one of the most important tools we have to stop the Republican Recall. Please sign-up to say you'll volunteer to send texts. #CallToAction #California 3/4

Last but not least, if you're a California resident, make a plan to vote on September 14th and get ready to vote for Gavin Newsom. Republican enthusiasm is reportedly running high and we need to exceed that enthusiasm by getting out and voting.

Check your registration, update your mailing address if needed, and register to vote if you aren't. Every single vote is going to matter. #Elections #California :ca: #CallToAction #GOTV 4/4

Get ready to vote in the CA Governor Recall Election - Make sure you know where your vote by mail is being mailed - check online now.

Everyone needs to understand the stakes in CA.
If Gavin Newsom gets recalled, CA gets a GOP Governor.
A GOP Governor will appoint a GOP Senator should one have to step down.
Sen. Feinstein is 88 years old.
Ballots drop on 8/16. Spread the word. #CallToAction #California


@ScottLang @TonyStark

I've got some time to spare so, I'm on it.
Newsom is asking for us to call our fellow Dems to remind them there is this ballot in the mail. We have to beat the GOP tRumpettes in this cynical attempt to undermine yet another election.

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