Well, that was my Saturday lost most delightfully to another @mwlucas book.

Kipuka Blues was great. This isn't surprising. It was everything I loved about the first book, Immortal Clay, and more.

Definitely worth checking out Michael Warren Lucas's fiction.

@John_D_Bell Eggs a la ESR is what I make when I need to feed my wife and/or other people.

Won't be on here much this next week. At a Kris Rusch writing workshop, aka "literary forced death march."

Mastodon gives me room to post WIP bits. Cool!

I’ve worked hard on the core of my rep: “they’ll never know Beaks was there, until they realize something’s missing.” If you’re a rich bloated bastard, you can hire me to rob some other rich bloated bastard. None of my clients think they’re bloated rich bastards, of course, but here’s a hint:
If you can afford me, you’re bloated rich.
If you’re thinking of hiring me, you’re a bastard.

"For decades I threatened violence on anyone who named their software NG or Next Generation. The name’s designed to go obsolete. I’ve reluctantly concluded that I just don’t have enough violence to go around."

@mwlucas I feel like any sysadmin who hasn't thought about violence on authors of software is an impostor.

So, and others who are making bots here. You may not realize, but those bots are pollution of the public timeline. At a MINIMUM, how about putting a content warning around the toots your bots make? I think an even better idea would be putting those bots on an instance of their own. You'll still be able to subscribe to it but you won't be spewing things on the PTL.
There was a thriving community before we got here, and we're trashing their space.

If a code of conduct is enough to make you ragequit a site... seeya. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Well, as a work avoidance tool, Mastodon is already proving the equal of any other social network out there.


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