You think you're cool, but you're not goth girl with a raven on the subway cool.

It is strange to thinking about juggling multiple social networks - especially when they serve a similar niche with "off the cuff" kinds of commentary/content. I very much get the desire to automatically mirror posts from one to the other, but it seems like that cheapens one or the other network somehow. Maybe that's a misguided feeling?

I have no answers. I still prefer the overall ambiance here, but the truth is I get more response/engagement(puke) at the other place. And I guess I like that?

I swear I just dusted this house last year.

I’ve had an Apple Watch since the very beginning and I still can’t tell the timer vs. stopwatch vs. alarm icons apart on the first try.

What I wouldn’t give for an appkit (with menu bar control) on macOS of the home application instead of this marzipan’d hell….

If there’s one thing Mojave has done it’s prove to me how badly I want a system wide dark mode for iOS…

To the captain #5, congrats and thank you for a wonderful and amazing career cut too short..💙🧡

I have countless apps on my devices that countless people spent countless hours spending blood and sweat to build that I never use. I sort of feel bad about that.

I find my lack of new Apple hardware disturbing.

Seeing all these people post their shipping notices is making me regret not staying up and ordering my Series 4 at 2am.

I should update the OS on my watch!

.... oh right, my Series 0 no longer gets updates. 😥

I hope the Mirror Universe is real so I can some day meet the good version of me and fix him

Once again, I shout out that I will gladly help design and test your mastodon app.

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