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WPA3 – two new vulnerabilities were discovered:

– CVE-2019-13377: Brainpool curves introduce a second class of side-channel leaks in the Dragonfly handshake of WPA3
– CVE-2019-13456: information leak in FreeRADIUS' EAP-pwd due to aborting when needing more than 10 iterations
– according to @vanhoefm (Twitter), "Wi-Fi standard is now being updated with proper defenses, which might lead to WPA3.1"

#wpa3 #wifi #wlan #security #infosec #cybersecurity

Finally got internet after a month of living of my mobile phones internet.

No fiber but still good speeds (250mbps/50mbps).

My fiber connection is broken and needs to be repaired.

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After reading toot I have a question.

What is you definition of a bad behaving crawler?

Because I run a crawler and I'm curious what the boundries are for most web devs/ops people.

@fireglow The internet technician from my ISP came today. One problem: my fibre is not connected at all. It just loose fibres and he is not allowed to fix it.

So now I have to wait for a company that can terminate these cables so my ISP can install everything.

I'm really pissed off. Will take at least a week but maybe even three.

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People who are scared of liberal licenses like BSD, MIT, ISC are full of nonsense

>oh noes
>if we use BSD our open project will be stolen by bigg companies

What actually happens:
- Company takes software
- Modifies it on their private fork and use it commercially
- Upstream improves and releases new version regularly
- Company struggles to make updates
- Company lacks behind new features and still uses ancient version
- Company ends up slowly upstreaming their changes anyway to use new version

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Was talking about Mastodon with an old-school sysadmin guy. We reached the realization that defederating from instances with no/bad moderation is essentially the same thing as blocking open relays back when you ran your own email server: open relays always end up getting used for spam, you block 'em to protect your users.

Email was and still is the first federated social network, so it already faced a lot of the same problems; we should study its solutions (and its failures).

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No matter which social network you're on, following a diverse group of people helps you taking a peek at the other side of your personal filter bubble.

You don't have to agree with everything and everyone, but please, at least try to listen to people and their opinions.

It will help you appreciate your own life, and may just make you a little wiser.

Neighbours are listening to an opera. Kind of relaxing but not my style.

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If anything is "stifling innovation in Silicon Valley, it is the dominance of Big Ad Tech," @yegg writes in the @NYT. "Strong privacy laws will spur innovations to help companies use data in a privacy-respecting manner."

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@Joholo I started study Python this month, I'm going to apply Python in the economic and financial area

At the end of next week I will have internet again (fibre). Will replace the ISP router with a computer.

Currently living without internet at home. Only have my mobile phone for internet. Tethering for the win!

Most desktop linux distributions (ubuntu et al) automatically use my phone for internet.

The BSDs need a bit more help. For both and I didnthe following:

1. Connect my phone to the laptop via USB and enable USB tethering.
2. ifconfig <new interface> up && dhclient <new interface>
3. You got yourself some sweet internet pouring in.


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