I believe those are fiddleheads.
They aren't supposed to be there, but I'm not gonna complain.

Hey, Mastodon v3.1.3 raises the minimum required version of Redis from 3 to 4. I have now included a bold warning about this in the release notes -- I'm sorry I haven't done so from the start.

Are you here?

Oh hai, Mastodon, Twitter suspended me for a week for calling Jenny Rubin a skank so I will likely be a lot more active over here for a while.

RT @Mokum_Misfit@twitter.com

@deathbymonkies@twitter.com Pirate, do you know what happened to @LoraLea16@twitter.com ? She is suspended again ☹️

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Mokum_Misfit/statu

Trying to craft the Tootinest Toot that ever Tooted a Toot in Tootsville.

My chosen people, Exodus isn't a pilot programme under which you keep one foot each in Egypt and the Promised Land in the hopes of getting the best of both worlds.

I know why I have to keep two houses, omnipresence and all that (and my shockingly cavalier attitude toward polygamy), but I cannot seem to divine why you still have to be on Twitter. Ditch the pharaoh!

I am considering migrating mastodon.social's media storage from Wasabi to Exoscale. If anyone has any experience with them, positive or negative, let me know. Thank you!

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