politics, slavery, capitalism 

politics, slavery, capitalism 

It is apparently not possible to change your username on Mastodon because your username is your unique identifier across instances

i kind of want to be done using my name as my handle, but getting you all to follow me on a new account seems like Work

exercise, medical (+) 

knzk.me do not go gentle into that good night

Things that don't mean you're insecure:

✅ taking selfies
✅ posting about your successes
✅ being a perfectionist

Things that do mean you're insecure:

🛑 submitting personal information over a http request

If you’re an iOS developer, give all your simulators names. I have iPhone X Charlie and iPad Pro Frank. So much better!

KNZK members are welcome on mastodon.social

I’m one of those weird people who wants to buy all their media. It’s sad that I can’t buy some of my favorite shows like Sense8 or Black Mirror or other exclusive shows.

Any product designers want to take this over from me for money let me know I am very frustrated

Just to get ahead of the news I would like to be clear that I did not date Moby

Dear #Follower - I'm currently available for #remote #freelance #macOS & #iOS projects (open for permanent roles, too). I'm experienced in both #ObjC and #Swift projects (and mixed ones). Current status: I'm learning #Flutter. 😊

I appreciate every boost.
Thanks 🙏🏻

If you buy a PlayStation Classic, you can (I’ve heard) trivially replace the games with good ones like Final Fantasies. Has anyone here done that?

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