*Tim Cook awkwardly attempts an evil, maniacal laugh, but gives up and tries to pass it off as a cough.*

Ingredients for 2 ales I have planned arrived today! I think my own pear saison will be the first. Then the Sip of Sunshine Double IPA clone (written by the brewer himself, Sean Lawson).

Here are the recipes if there is interest:




My wife made Japanese Milk Bread with King Arthur bread flower and it’s so good. I don’t normally like bread! It’s like the best pretzel bread you’ve ever had minus salt plus fluffiness.

Eu não sei lidar com ter amigas bonitas!!! Por fora eu exalto as deusas que são e falo que elas são maravilhosas, incríveis e lindas. Por dentro eu to me remoendo de inveja por elas serem mais bonitas que eu!!!! Me sinto uma péssima pessoa mas fica aqui o desabafo


Plex released their audio player on iOS and it has a full quality only streaming option!

Something funny keeps happening to me. My eighth grade teacher remembers all the kids who sat around me, but not me. A band I was in has album art where I was cut out. A company I worked for reincorporated without me. Kind of a weird pattern. Not sure how to become a visible human being, lol.

Mastodon Has Always Allowed Employees To Work From Home And Will Continue To Do So

There’s a whole subreddit about Denmark and I can read a small amount of it!

Matthias updated Einstein and Basilisk II to do serial port communication over a TCP port, so now you can do NewtonOS development in a completely virtual environment.

The neighbor at the end of the road got chickens. I had canceled my chicken plans because of COVID and now I’m thinking I messed up! Maybe next year.

Work - 

I guess the main part of this, that I should explicitly state, is that you should trust developers enough to delegate to them. Trust that they will make the right choices.

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