@whami I just told my cat a joke and then laughed out loud, I’ve been alone too long.


I kept the cranberry pulp from Thanksgiving, so the next batch will be fun cranberry flavors.

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Cinnamon in kombucha hasn’t worked for me, so far. It makes everything brown yuck. Maybe rimming a glass with cinnamon / sugar would be nice, though.

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I started making jun (same as kombucha, but made with honey and green tea) instead of kombucha a few months ago. It’s a bit more viscous and there’s more sediment at the bottom of the bottles, which is mostly pollen. My latest flavor is apple. I sliced a honeycrisp very fine in second fermentation. It tastes a lot like cider, which is what I was hoping for.

Everything pre-COVID seems like it was five years ago.

Vermont: "Oh, I see you are trying to conveniently declare that rural areas are conservative and urban areas are liberal. Would be a shame if I... voted for Biden by 30+ points, including a hefty margin in nearly all the rural areas, and completely screwed up your model."

Modelers: "You don't exist, to me."

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Apple ™ - 

The new Mac mini doesn’t have 10 gigabit Ethernet.

online school 

They give all the kids devices that let them get addicted to youtube, then give them youtube videos as part of assignments so I can't dns block it, then act surprised when the kids watch youtube during class instead of listening.

I’ve been using Tower 2 for Mac for probably five years and I get the rebase and stash buttons mixed up; they’re both “up arrow”s. I get the correct one about 50% of the time.

Anyone have any (recent-ish) comedy films they can recommend?

With a Biden presidency, every month, each and every American will receive, in the mail, a single hard candy.

Would be cool if we started building high speed rail in New England

One of the very sad things about the internet is that app.net is gone and so are all the wonderful apps that were built for it. It’s like it never existed and was a fever dream. I can’t remember the name of the Instagram clone that was made for it or what that app was like.

I don’t know why I look at “Programming” on Reddit. It always makes me angry.

It seems that there should be a good open Remote Desktop protocol that you can build into a network appliance. RDP is controlled by Microsoft. Spice is good, but not very common (maybe that doesn’t matter?)

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