the kaaba and the pilgrimage to it is fuckin cool
like lmao they gather to walk around a giant black cube in a set number of circles
tbh no complaints from me except maybe the trampling but thats like accidents although im not sure if theres ways to make it safer and its also not really my place
but yeah giant cube = very good i like it

Art and Software must be free!
Who should pay? The Bourgeoisie!

in men in black they were like "a really small cd is gonna replace the cd"

Antagonizing Soviet power is way harder than westerners think, nobody ever was busted and locked up for minding their own business or cracking a joke or hanging a coat on a statue. One would have to be a special kind of asshole for the government to get involved, since usually your community would set you straight waaaay before that. Believe no tall tale about how "waaah, my parents were just doing nothing and then they got 10 years of being shot in a cellar". You're being taken for a ride.

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Every time some "dissident" or "exile" or "victim of the regime" in an Eastern Bloc country opens their mouth my bullshit meter starts going off. Point is my family's from there and I have a pretty solid perspective on what life there was like for an average citizen be it rural or urban, RSFSR or Central Asian republic from the 30s to the end of it.

Soul Reaver is a game about a guy who has become so good at sucking off dudes that his boss kills him in anger and his lower jaw just disintegrates. Nevertheless our hero has to go on one last tour off sucking off everyone with a name and get revenge.

"What would happen if capital succeeded in smashing the Republic of Soviets? There would set in an era of the blackest reaction in all the capitalist and colonial countries, the working class and the oppressed peoples would be seized by the throat, the positions of international communism would be lost."

- Stalin, 100% accurately predicting the future

How am I the only one to suss out that Trump's Greenland meme is because some of the Heritage Foundation ghouls in his administration told him about resources under the ice on the North pool and how Denmark would get a big piece if they melted because of Greenland and Trump just went "let's buy it" because he's a senile idiot who's sun-downing before noon.

It's fucking rough how they cut out Neil deGrasse Tyson out of his epic rap battle of history...

just woke up and feel like the one malcolm in the middle ep where they find the good matress but before they find it

Soviet "Gulag" prison in 1950:
- stable 40h work week
- median wage
- end of year bonus aka 13th wage
- free medical care for everything

Working at MC Donalds 2019:
- you'll work as much or as little as the bossman wants
- minimum wage
- no bonus no nothing
- are you joking?

Admin please add a "block every post related to java from TL function"

one of the funniest posts ive ever seen is when sovietvisuals posted a pic of a tractor and some boomer in the mentions was like
"it still doesnt run as good as a john deere
# collectivefarmfail"
just lmao

After observing my TL for weeks I only have one question: does anybody EVER fav anything on this website? Like I'm yet to see somebody do it.
Very strange. How the fuck does this shit even work? I'd get it if this was just 99% people using a crossposting bot and their main is on twitter but it clearly isn't.

I swear when will westerner fucking shut up about Russia forever? Shut the fuck up already, you know nothing.

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