Three of these and I don’t feel anything. And especially no “high”. My body is set to (Cannabis-) “Don’t touch that” modus, permanently.

@Constantia has more to do with the dosage
when you smoke a gram of good haze youre ingesting 150+ mg instead of 2.5.
2.5 is nothing.

@Jonathan_br1ght 150 mg pure THC? I have a hard time believing that. I don’t smoke and I’m not planning to use anything that other people can smell. I took three of these, that 7.5 mg. Not sure if it’s okay to take a lot more. Don’t have that many of them left anyway, my ex is providing some samples of different ones.

good weed is 16% thx and up nowadays and 1 gram = 1000mg hence 150/160 and more mg of thc
do the math

@Jonathan_br1ght That would mean taking this whole can not even delivers the total of “one good smoke”? That’s a total of 40 tablets... 40x 2.5mg = 100 mg. Something really doesn’t sound right here.


@Constantia well the tablets are a scam obviously
also one good smoke is less than a gram since in that equasion you'd optimally split the gram into two joints and you would get high if you split the joint with like 2 other people
this means you'd need like 10 tablets to get noticeably high

@Jonathan_br1ght Aha. Let’s see how many I have left. Well, what do you think? Exactly seven. This is meant to be. Shall I do it?

@Jonathan_br1ght Took the first ones at 10PM, then, maybe about one and a half hour later, the rest. 7, like said. 2.30AM. I slept on and off. I am experiencing no high, nothing at all. Maybe my head and body are a bit off the benchmark, but that’s all. I am certainly not experiencing any mood/spirit alteration.

@Jonathan_br1ght I don’t think so, this is all very legal and very controlled. A very controlled shop in Davis, where they have very high standards. I think I am the one who’s “scamming” the tablets, I have a (very) high tolerance, especially for a beginner.

@Jonathan_br1ght I get my kicks, don’t worry. 😉 But I was willing to have a good “high”, but now I don’t know how. Will not smoke anything nor use stuff that smells of Cannabis. I find that a big turn off. Must be totally neutral.

@Jonathan_br1ght No, I thought that was clear. I never smoked and never smoked Marihuana... Never had a cigaret in my mouth...

@Constantia well thats why then probably
you gotta get high with your friends
your brain has to learn being high in a way
because if youre on your own then you might've been high and not noticed since theres no point of reference
especially if the product is pure

@Jonathan_br1ght I don’t have friends smoking Marihuana... don’t want that too (smoking)

Think there was a fragment of high yesterday night, it was after I tooted you that there was no effect. My thoughts shattered in many pieces to clear non-sense, I was completely aware of it, as always, because I have a very lucid mind. I saw some interesting colors in astral/dream images and for a moment, I did feel a bit of something positive, but it was very short, maybe a couple of minutes. Then I slept.

@Constantia i mean you can just take tablets with friends then if the price for popping 10 to simulate smoking a joint isnt too prohibitive

@Jonathan_br1ght I don’t have friends like that here, only my ex, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to get high with him. Yes, I think you were right about the amount of tablets. I think 10 was exactly what I would have needed to get there. With 7, I landed on the threshold, for a couple of minutes. But then it was gone.

basically thc high is very dependent on your surroundings and people youre with
just take some when youre having fun with friends(who dont have to take it)

@Constantia no you dont get it
just regular friends like just you hang out and do whatever with them and you just pop the tablets then
or wait
you dont have ANY friends at all?

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