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Any issues with mobile apps and Pixelfed are our fault and we are working on resolving the issues and bugs!

Just saw an Imgur link... that required sign-in.

Isn't the whole point of Imgur that it *doesn't* require sign-in?

can I rad local feed of other instances with one account or do I need one per instance?

I never announce my good nights or good mornings on here because proper OPSEC demands no one knows my sleep schedule

I swear printers are designed to make you mad 😖

the WiFi is on ✔️
ink is there ✔️
enough paper ✔️

printer: tHeRes nO pAPEr


Blinking CapsLock's LED while pinging web-server

Fund with LED, or how to get CapsLock's LED to blink on response from web server

Dem small steps! 'Hello world!' post (now with working images, wow!) at and some BOYS NOIZE ( in the backgorudn. Absolutely Σ░U░P░H░♢░R░I░C

Is it weird that lately, in order to sleep I've had to put on Rain Sounds and envision my mind as blank as old TV static? That's all I remember doing before I pass out.

Shutting out the literal noise with white noise, and shutting out the figurative noise in my head with analog noise.

Ffffffffffffffffffffffrrff*quack*ing printers! Easy WiFi setup my ass

Haha! These "plastic bottle" kicks are amazing! Most definitely better than the raw style type of kicks. :bongoCat: 🔥

Mad props for to still keep going! I was just a wee lad when I first heard his sounds.

It would be really interesting to hear a mini documentary about changes in kicks in during the years.

Possibly Shutting Down VidCommons 

Due to the extreme emergency mode my life is going into, I can no longer afford to host or maintain In case you don't recall, VC is a PeerTube instance serving as a library of Public Domain and Creative Commons media for the fediverse, kind of like what Open Audio is for Funkwhale.

If anyone is interested in transferring ownership to continue running the project, please let me know in short order! Otherwise, the instance will be discontinued at the end of next week.

#VidCommons #PeerTube #PublicDomain #Creativecommons

fediverse poll #2 (edited), boost ok 

(edited version for clarity)

How much do you spend monthly on hosting your pleroma/masto/masto fork/pixelfed/funkwhale/reel2bits/etc. ?

Boost super welcome

Note: I'm after instances with less than a 300 active users weekly.

Note 2: if you have more users, just reply to the poll with the amount of users.

Note 3: if you run other services on that VPS, make a guess of how much it cost proportionally

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin

Riding without a saddle is a whole new world. Suddenly horse back archery, especially Mongolian riders seem way more impressive.

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