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The WeWork CEO's wife "has ordered multiple employees fired after meeting them for just minutes, telling staff she didn’t like their energy" wsj.com/articles/this-is-not-t

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This is why my roommates have to lock the door when they take a shower. ☠️

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NEON LOVED THE OFFICERS AND THE RIDE TO THE POUND. HE DIDN’T KNOW THEY COULD KILL HIM THERE TOMORROW. For treats he’ll show off his knowledge of commands. Wiggly, friendly, Neon #74571 needs our pledges via @TomJumboGrumbo@twitter.com for Rescue/F/A. PLEASE RT NEON!

It just hit me again that I am going to be a father in the next three weeks

Dash Rendar. Do it. Just give us 'Shadows of The Empire' starring @prattprattpratt@twitter.com, costarring Sebastian Stan as Luke. Also get @LukeGoss@twitter.com for Xizor.

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which star wars character deserves their own movie?

I miss @Retrocons@twitter.com already. Its only been like 2 days. I wish this convention happened more than once a year! In the meantime, heres that Bear from 'Harvey Birdman' because I felt like I needed it.

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Jon Favreau told me he wants to do a Star Wars Holiday Special on Disney+

Please let this happen 🙏🏻

Our full chat here: youtu.be/Bmd7KELQ3KU

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Scream artwork in the style of A Nightmare on Elm Street’s original poster by Nathan Thomas Milliner: brokehorrorfan.com/post/187760

Am I up later than I planned? Yes. And I am exhausted. But my column is done, so I can maybe relax tomorrow and work on learning a few songs on guitar before band practice on Wednesday. And maybe work on unpacking more toys.

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Luke 👏 was 👏 never 👏 trained 👏 to 👏

fly 👏 an 👏 X-Wing.
use 👏 a 👏 Force 👏 pull.
do 👏 lightsaber 👏 combat.
do 👏 a 👏 Force 👏 choke.
build 👏 a 👏 lightsaber.


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I'm seeing people complaining about Halloween stuff & telling people it's too early to be excited about Halloween. The Christmas people have already started & will go until at least February, so get a hobby and stop telling people what they can & can't enjoy.

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a lunchable is charcuterie if you’re not a fucking classist

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I nearly killed someone today.

Stay with me.

I was listening to music while I walked through town when I became aware of someone walking near to me.

Then he hooked his finger into my earphone wire and pulled it out to ask me my name.


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