My first father's day! Sydney won't be here until October, but I am so excited to be a dad! Kicking back to relax with my 'Poops' straw and my 'Guy Farting' glass of boozey iced tea, alongside my amazing wife and my…


Me walking into Dollar Tree with $40 on my card

Awww yissss my very first Father's Day. I'm not teeeechnically a Father until October, but my wife is amazing and still got me a card. Also? Tickets to that sweet looking Marvel Exhibit at!


Diamond Select Muppets Swedish Chef (and a shitload of accessories) is currently $20.98 on Amazon -


My Netflix prank show idea:

Women agreeing to meet up with the guys that send them unsolicited dick pics, but when the guy arrives, its actually their mother waiting for them.


Hey just saw this on Instagram & thought about you.

On my way today to Wizard World Philly, even though it's technically day three but I skipped Thursday. And then we're going to be there but I know?

Does anyone have any questions for Edward Furlong? Im about to interview him!

One last stop at the Falls and a run through the duty-free shop and we were officially on our way home! Canada was awesome, I can't wait to go back someday!

Bummed it will be so long before I have a chance to get back here, but it was nice to get a proper sense of closure and Say Goodbye to the brand one last time. When the Us Toys R Us stores went out of business last…

The trip back down from Toronto to Niagra Falls was filled with quite a few put stops to say goodbye to an old friend one last time.

After finishing at the museum we hit up Silver Snail Comics, which was neat, but generally overpriced and didn't carry much of what I really needed.

Thenemployee was also loudly discussing Game Of Thrones AND…

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