why don't people know about libraries

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@Jordamus_Prime Libraries, especially in the US culture, have been depicted as places where only nerds would go to. As such, they are not places where "normal" people would go to or even associate themselves with. Hence, even as libraries exist, people don't want to know about them.

Besides... doing things for free, that sounds a lot like communism! This can't be good!

@Jordamus_Prime Really showin' that they never watched Arthur growing up.

@Jordamus_Prime it’s not that they don’t know about libraries, it’s that their ways of thinking about things have been so corrupted by rampant monetization that they literally can’t think about libraries without trying to apply some kind of rent seeking to the concept

@alexis @Jordamus_Prime It's almost like I'm starting to see "modern" as a codeword for "elitist and exclusionary" 😕

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