Already changing instances like a PRO! Follow me over at @jorge if you'd like. 🤸‍♂️

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I saw Prince in Memphis for the Musicology tour. It was June 2004. He was a dynamo of course, climbing up onto the piano, spinning, doing splits, jumping off the piano...

He was 46 at the time. The age I am now.

@Makers Hi. I'm a web designer and front-end dev and just getting started on Mastodon. I'd love to be on the .design instance.

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Are you here from Twitter and have switched instances recently? Don't forget to do the following:

1. Go to and log out of your old instance, then log in with your new instance so people can find you at your new home.
2. If you left a pointer/invite link on your Twitter account, update it for your new instance/account.

Glad to have 16MB of RAM on this new MBP so I can run a Windows vm when I need to and not have it slow to a crawl. But wow, the fan starts immediately and doesn't stop while the vm is running.

The federated nature of Mastodon obviously adds some complexity to the concept of "following".

A user should be able to move to another instance and not lose their followers.

Just saw the 2011 Thor movie (the first one) and by far my favorite character is Heimdall.

Skarsgard's character had to be downplayed, I suppose, to force the obligatory love interest on us. Although he had so much more reason to be affected by his childhood gods appearing on Earth. At the end he just stood there with a goofy grin on his face and not a line to utter.

On the other hand, Natalie Portman (!)

ok so I'm almost done setting up this new mbp and besides TouchID, I haven't looked at the Touch Bar even once. Maybe one of the apps I use will provide some reason for it?

Setting your default Terminal theme on a new Mac always takes longer than it should. Why are there 2 places to set that?

A bunch of really good nerd podcasters showing up on Mastodon thanks to @jsnell. That’s a pretty good milestone @Gargron

Caught the last hour or so of the Hugo Awards (at least I think so — I had to stop at 1:30am). Now I have the difficult task of picking what to read.

Congrats to N.K. Jemisin. What a good speech!

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an interview with a film maker that was this philosophical.

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Also seeing the continuation of what I noticed months ago -- with folks posting slightly more personal, introspective, less performative things here than on twitter. Still like it. :-)

School starts tomorrow but We had a great summer, especially a trip to La Fortuna and Monteverde in Costa Rica. Beautiful place, wonderfully friendly people.

Let’s do .

Hello. I’m getting fed up with social media but willing to give Mastodon a shot. Let’s make it a good community.

I’m and old school nerd from Cuban expat parents, raised in Miami, and living in Miami Beach.

My career started about the same time as the web, which I fell in love with. I started when Jeff Zeldman showed us how it’s done.

I studied, and have made plenty of, . I love -fi and fantasy books, and .


Cuban café con leche while supervising my kids make their eggs and bacon.

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