Delighted to see that is becoming a thing once again

@Gargron Honestly I've yet to find a good viable alternative to facebook in all reality. Even Mastodon doesn't peek my interest as a viable option. This community is so far 'left' field that it's overwhelmingly negative, abusive, & trolling, the same mentality the left has held for yrs. Then you have gab, which is the polar opposite, just horrid. Honestly, unless there is an absolutely secure, private mastodon instance that keeps *zero* logs and protects my privacy, then it isn't a replacement.


@Gargron Finally, I would just like an instance where it's politics free. FFS I'm so sick and damn tired of seeing politics left and right. I know I stand on the right hand side of the fence, but I've been hardcore unfollowing and blocking everyone who makes any political post, period, just because of how abusively negative it is. Thankfully I don't follow many political folks on, but my past experience with the userbase here has been increasingly hostile to *anyone* on the right

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