This place is full of exciting young people, boost if you’re old and weary

When you hear the word "idempotent" on the first day of work.

I think I might be a doodbro now. I have a tech company hoodie. Plan to make a habit of assuming I'm wrong as a way to stay grounded. Updates coming.

Twitter: life is a battlefield from which there is no escape. In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.

Mastodon: Sit down, friend. Have some tea. Feel an emotion. Learn to enjoy being alive again.

You have been visited by the Old Wizard Cat of good fortune. Boost this Toot to bless a stranger.

RT The Actor Who Played Robocop Is Now an Art Historian, and He’s Returning to Detroit With a New Mission: Renaissance Art

When you've been on the bird site and come back to the elephant site


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