Desde que Zoom compró Keybase es imposible no dudar del servicio y acabo de descubrir @keyoxide.

Tengo que echarle un vistazo pero permite, a parte de cifrar mensajes, verificar tu identidad en redes como Mastodon a través de OpenPGP.

Not only that: Keyoxide proofs work for any Mastodon instance and doesn’t need any special approvals or complex integrations on the Mastodon server part. Remember that for Keybase they didn’t want to integrate with small instances or with ones hosting “controversial” content.

(Source: section “Are there sites you won’t link to?” ).

What’s even better is the fact that proofs live in keys so it’s perfectly possible to verify them offline or via different service — this is truly a decentralized win!

Did I mention that Keyoxide also supports many more services than Keybase? :)

@wiktor I have to look at it in depth because I have seen an example of a website with one of the verified profiles ( and, from what I see, it shows the primary email and secondary email (if any) of the key, which makes me wonder if it can't be a target for spam.
But I have no idea and I may be missing something.

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