@kernpanik yes. Paul Lupetta Quorum Bogart Giovanna @inAktion here in now is cold in country side is frozen but think they live in a tropical country then heating systems are practically inexistent. The cats are clever enough to heat by themselves with help from wood fire.

@Jucar @kernpanik Cats are just SO smart 😍
And Pauk has the most beautiful eyes!

@inAktion @kernpanik Pauk is excellent, when I'm home he follows me.

@Jucar All your cats are great, but Pauk has been my favourite since day 1 😊

@inAktion @kernpanik he is very particular. A friend of main asked me a lot to take him for a while.... He told me that Paul is a misterious cat

@Jucar I would take Pauk straight away 😊 I like extra special cats and even though I only 'know' him by photo, I am sure that there is something absolutely special about him.

@Jucar Thank you 😻 Tell him someone in Germany adores him very much.

@inAktion fine and done probably he likes weißen ! Als ich mag :)

@inAktion Giovanna, Olava and Pauk are very similar. I'm sure father is the same since mother is different for Giovanna

@Jucar Aaaah, you were talking about Weizen beer! Now I get it 😀
I am pretty sure that Pauk would not like Weizen very much 😉
And yes, they definitely have the same father. They look so much alike. All very beautiful! Do you take care of their fur by combing them or do they clean it themselves?

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