The capacity of a highway lane is 1,800 cars per hour. This is a crowded highway pushed to the limit.

A full subway train has 1,000 people on it. That's just one train. Add a second train five minutes later and you've surpassed the highway. You can run a train every ten minutes, easy. The limit is thirty per hour -- one train every two minutes. The capacity of a single subway line is 30,000 passengers per hour.

Remind folks when they complain about traffic and want to build another highway.

The Dictionary of Mu is up for pre-order, shipping in early January.

The Dictionary of Mu is a pulp fantasy setting supplement for Ron Edwards' Sorcerer RPG where demons are dead things, bits of history made wrong. Players will decide the fate of the planet through play, adding to the dictionary as they go and creating a deeper and richer history with every demonic summoning.

"“You’re right, Paul, he overpowered a woman,” Mr. Jones interjected.

Mr. Acosta did no such thing. On Thursday, the White House News Photographers Association said it was “appalled” that the White House had distributed the Infowars clip.

“As visual journalists, we know that manipulating images is manipulating truth,” the group said in a statement. “It’s deceptive, dangerous and unethical. Knowingly sharing manipulated images is equally problematic...”"

My wife asked me what machine learning is and I said: remember when we ordered the hot plate for the boat and amazon suggested buying all the equipment needed to make a full meth lab?

Bane before bed: no one cared who I was until I put on the sleep mask

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My fellow gargoyles.

We have embraced our nature.

Feast on the blood of the threatmakers.

But never trust your perch's owner. We are too quick to strike.

Many times the enemy is not your target.

Know this.

Shed your stone skin in the daylight.

No disguises hide your nature but the sun's paralysis turns your eyes to stone.

Be not cast in stone today.

Fly free.

Defend the weak and innocent.

Protect the void on Samhain and forevermore.

You may know Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as a legendary basketball player. What you may not know is that he’s a huge Holmesian (literally and figuratively) and a fantastic writer:

Lake Country - patrolled by rural manor knights. Beautiful gorges, gurgling steams, waterfalls, altars to forgotten ancient water elemental deity lords.

Please offer things for the random encounter table (for future blog post).

Found a good Enemy Mine gif for side-eyeing internet bullshit.

Mental note: re-watch .

Fine night of with Aaron. Antosh tried to climb the ladder among the Zhentarim and might've found a tutor willing to teach him to read.

Ran across an old blog post about ,
And Situation. Thought it was worth sharing.

D&D idea: No feats at chargen. Players can only access feats by learning them from NPC's and monsters.

I like that it would give folks concrete mechanical reasons to seek out folks and monsters and monstrous folks to learn from them.

this is an extract from Sean Penn's 2016 novel. the Jewish character, we have previously been told, is from Brooklyn.

The Golden Cobra Challenge ends on 15 October! Still time left to design a complete game!

Wizard magic is like playing a classical symphony: careful, precise, intellectual. You study hard, practice endless hours, and don't deviate from the instructions in the book.

Sorcerer magic is like jazz: wild, driven by emotion and what you feel deep inside, improvisational and create and unique to the performer.

Warlock magic is like the blues: you get good at it because you literally sold your soul to the Devil late one night at a deserted crossroads, then you regret that bargain.

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