Tomb of Annihilation - Hit and Run Finale

They ran out the fading door to the Godroads just as Acererak arrived, screaming in frustration. - mission accomplished.

I survived the Satanic Panic and all I got was this t-shirt, lifelong creative friends and a love of fantasy, history and literature.

Great interview with Meguey and Vincent Baker

Me, as the episode began: *groan* Why do podcasters start every episode asking people how they got started?

Me, 30 minutes later: I was wrong.

Just watch Luke give the pitch for Tales from the Lower Cantrefs for 20 seconds or so:

The Great RPG Cycle of Fucking Around / Find Out

(Made with and using art assets from canva)

In which I am inspired by a tweet by Rob Donoghue (linked below) and talk about making lore relevant to the going's on in your game; Inspiration Goat throws out Willow and I talk about character pivots and the Dust of Broken Hearts...

Insight in D&D

Thinking about how the dice can hit the table when an NPC has something to hide and the PC wants to get their Sherlock Holmes on.

Fleshed out a character with a friend, Tom, and thought the short twitter interaction highlighted some interesting things about GMing during character creation.

Wrote a blog post about it, like to read it? Here it goes:

Daydreaming about Dragons, E78S2

Tabletop Techniques: Meditating on options for too many or too few players

Inspiration Goat: Thinking more on humor, this time with Gideon the Ninth

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