Daydreaming about Dragons
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Wonderful communications with Michael Miller, Matthew and Thomas Kane


You know that thing when you and your friend start a 1 on 1 game for those nights when your main game doesn't have enough players and then a few years later you're still playing that B-Game?



Just a pleasant nebula to ease the week. M20, the Trifid nebula.

It is looking like this'll be our last or next-to-last installment of BW Book 2, Prince Pellara Dragonsworn, Pillar of the Vault. We'll be starting at around 9.

Duel of Wits and Fight! could very well hit the table...

Terran Mandate Envoy Re-Entry Checklist

The marginalia from various envoys over the centuries shows where the checklist can come up short or not offer solid expectations for rookie envoys making post-Scream first contact with the humans who have survived the three hundred years isolated from their homeworld and its government.

There is now a speck of evidence of life in Venus.

Since it's 2020, I will now prepare for the worst. What kind of alien invasion do y'all think is more likely?

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