Second edition Diaspora testing in full swing. Here's our cluster diagram from today. #disapora2e #ttrpg

Daydreaming about Dragons

"Episode 18: 4/2/19 AP: GMing during Character Creation / Inspiration Goat: Star Trek Discovery"

@Judd I was just listening to your reply show:

Thank you so much for your responder and you talking about pre game anxiety! We really should mention this more; especially from the experienced GMs like yourself. I have been gaming for some time, but took about 15 years off or so and got rusty. Started wondering if it was me. We all need to keep together and encouraging all players at all levels. Keep daydreaming.

#RPG #podcast

for those wondering how to establish trade relations with crows:

- feed crows food A regularly
- when crows decide to bring you gifts, feed them food B
- when crows bring you different categories of gifts, feed them a food-per-category, ex: food C for jewelry, food D for paper money, etc
- crows will recognize these exchange patterns and opt to bring you things in order to acquire desired treats

good luck! 🐦

The fact that AI driven cars can be trapped by salt circles should be reason enough to never use one.

A blog post that was an e-mail from a game and then became the subject of a podcast...

There's a spaceship called Free Trader Grandma's Trusty Rifle...

What roleplaying games are you playing?

I'm playing Good Society and Night Witches, but not at the same time.

Your clan will be attacked once the snow's melt by your neighbor, who have volcano glass spears given to them by their Fire God.

Where will you get your weapons?

The immortal Forest Saints in the deep woods?

The Bearded Iron Saints in the mountains?

The Lying Saints under the earth?

Sorcery from the gods in the heavens?

Unholy witchcraft from hell?

Unslakable thirst from the barrows?

Something else?

Play -> fast forward 1000 years and make new characters.

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