@Judd Cool! In my game I run Razor Coast which has a corrupt politician at the helm of the corrupt local police force and I’m playing I’m Corleone style and it’s been absolutely great. The party gets invited to a party, gets on his good side, ends up doing some dirty work, associates with rebels, gets chased out of town, when they meet in secret he is sad about the loss of faith and offers a way back into the town’s good graces, some players love it, some players hate it. 😀


What system are you using for Razor Coast?

Sounds cool.

@Judd @kensanata While I have you two's ears...

How do you both like to (ideally) have a dialogue about your casts. You have both mentioned the myriad ways to contact you both, but have you found one method working better for you than others?

I have thought about tootin' at you or (when I actually get a blog) reposting the episode there.

I know a blog post may not be followed by the podcaster though...

@PresGas @kensanata

I have no preference. I'm honored that anyone is listening.

@Judd @PresGas Same here: rah me on Mastodon, Pluspora, Google+ (while it exists), on my blog (got s page for every episode), or just leave a comment on my blog linking to your comment for all to see and follow: +1 for all involved.

@Judd I’m using my own variant of classic D&D, originally derived from B/X via Labyrinth Lord. As for stats, I basically improvise based on the text. I don’t like when thugs and guards just happen to have level 3 or 4, for example. So I just use HD 1 AC 4 1d6 ML 7 and the like for stats when we’re talking about regular people.

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