@Judd Hey, I'm really glad I stumbled across this. Your bad ideas sound fantastic until they didn't. :D


Thank you so much, Shane.

May I ask what path led you to stumbling across me?

@Judd mastodon, oddly enough. I recently just started around here and was curious what the D&D scene was like.


Fantastic. Looking forward to hearing any feedback or replies...

@Judd I haven't been able to DM anything for a while, and I've definitely got that itch.

I'm a player in my regularly group, in a game which borrows from Storm Kings Thunder, which is pretty fun!

I'm writing up some Maze of the Blue Medusa notes for the next game I run though. :) Mostly focused entirely in 5e.

@shane @Judd haha, I agree! I listened along, nodding, and then suddenly: ugh! What is this‽ 😅

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