Getting to the final stretch of the Ghoul Case with Stras and Lauren on the Actual Play channel at 8PM EST.

The Rowans are in manacles but the last case of Ghoul seems to lead to the Spirit Wardens...

See you in a few.

Daydreaming about Dragons

Reply Show Papa 7/4/19: Prison in the World of Darkness, What do they see? and Strange & Beautiful Things

Thanks, @robertbohl Logan and @kensanata

Daydreaming about Dragons

"Episode 18: 4/2/19 AP: GMing during Character Creation / Inspiration Goat: Star Trek Discovery"

In which I find a dusty old world of Unicorn Paladins, Rat Rogues and Wizardly former Familiars thanks to Andi.

Ser Waymar Royce was the first named guy to die in the novel. I propose a slang term for when a character in a perishes in the first session.

"They're making up a new character because their Rogue got Royce'd!"

Tonight at 7PM PST/10PM EST on Shoeless peasant Bina Janos is going to try and convince the dwarven prince not to go to war!!!

Getting together with Sean to see what will become of Bina on the Jeweled Road, heading north towards the dwarven host on the Actual Play twitch stream tonight 8-10PM EST.

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