Best FLOSS tool for cross-posting Twitter <-> Mastodon? Firefox or Chromium (if an extension)

@JulianOliver I like, it's automatic, 2 ways and has granular level of options so you can decide exactly what you want to share and how. (though seems down at this right moment, probably temporary)

If you want more control, there are 2 browser addons (firefox/Cr) that allow you to crosspost either from Mastodon or from Twitter and let's you decide, per post, which one you want to cross-post.

@JulianOliver if I may suggest a strategy: cross-post from Mastodon to Twitter. Not the other way around. In the end, we'd like to encourage our followers to saner social media habits. ;)

@JulianOliver there are various bots, and some people use apps like Twidere to crosspost.

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