Sci-fi portraying the rise of the machines is late. Computers already dominate people; they already have us

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@JulianOliver They do. But mainly because of their IMAGINED powers...we could still get back to just thinking of them as...machines - like engines or mechanichal watches?

@Kjaerulv I believe this to be one key element in the path to a healthier relationship, yes

@JulianOliver Working in IT for nearly 30 years I was always dismayed at how *enthusiastic* people were to surrender agency to a simple piece of poorly written software.

Like - it's not good software, it's making bad decisions, and you literally would rather just follow it than think? Ok?

We had a mistake at one shop where a whole run of paint cans came off the line with nothing but a validation test printed on them (for aligning the color marks)

And not one person told anyone. Found out when the customer who got a truck load of them was like "Ummmm"

@JulianOliver They didn't in 1984, to be fair. So The Terminator was pretty prescient.

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