I'm mighty stoked and excited to let you all know about a new boutique consultancy my partner and I have launched.

It's called Nīkau, and it's got a lot to give.

@JulianOliver Wow, awesome! Best of luck with this mighty endeavour - really cool to have such an initiative. I'd say: desperately needed too!

@JulianOliver Hey Julian, was apparently not following you here for some odd reason (now fixed) so apologies for missing this when you posted it and best of luck with it :)


@aral thanks chap! Trying to push a little energy to Mastodon, have all but left Twitter. Solely now for announcements.

@JulianOliver Ditto :) And I do not miss it one bit. Glad we’re connected here. It’s been too long. Please do ping me if you’re ever in Ireland. We’re way past due a catch up :)

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