Absolutely stoked for our neighbours in Australia. 9 dreary, climate-denying, privatising, anti-environment and social-justice trampling years have come to an end. Labour have much undoing, refactoring and rebuilding ahead.

@skquinn I have been running my own servers and hosting my own sites since the year 2000, have deployed dozens for other people and groups, and sysadmin a great many at the present time.

Not sure folk are aware that using Google fonts by URL in their CSS undermines the privacy of each and every site visitor, sending their IP to GG with every visit. How? Because with each visit they download the font from GG, not your server.

If you will use GG fonts, don't do this

@import url('fonts.googleapis.com/css?famil[...]

Download that font, and resource it locally instead

@font-face {
font-family: FontName';
font-style: normal;
src: url('../fonts/FontName.woff2');

My followers here will have to bear with me on the archery bytes and pieces. In truth I am a craven disciple of the Bow and Arrow, studying and practicing most days, something I intend to do until I can no longer lift my arm.

This may be the first bow in history (the bow is among our species' first tools) to have an arrow shelf, rather than being shot off the knuckle of the bow hand (hand holding the bow). This would have provided far greater shot consistency, an innovation that (somehow) eventually became the standard for modern bow designs.

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A famed 4000 year old (Bronze Age) Indo-Iranian bow design from the Ural region (East European, West Siberian plains) has been meticulously reconstructed by an international team. An elite weapon in its time, it is esp unusual in its asymmetry (akin perhaps only to the Japanese Yumi bows) giving it clearance for shooting from war vehicles & horseback phys.org/news/2022-05-archaeol (note "compound" here refers to composite, a term also used to describe some modern bows with wheels)

Here's his site. Looking at the history of his work you may see why I tend to take his words seriously nafeezahmed.net/

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As usual with truthteller stories, they are difficult to externally verify. Nafeez's work has a history of checking out however, so I'm inclined to heed to supposed anonymous source's information.

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Interesting read from Nafeez Ahmed (a resilience and security investigative journo with some great articles under his belt) on banks quietly getting ready for mass civil unrest in the West due to impending food shortages and spiking cost of living bylinetimes.com/2022/05/17/glo

mental illness, depression, bipolar 

@ccohanlon That was a brutal read. Poor chap

Vending Private Network (2018), made by @danjavasiliev and myself, will be exhibited alongside some great pieces at the Weizenbaum Institute


I grew up with several of his albums on repeat, warm synths soaring out over the forest canopy. Blade Runner's soundtrack is still one of the few I listen to off film.

Rest in Playlists Vangelis


Zoom is unethical infrastructure and has to go. BigBlueButton now functionally replaces it. A mid-tier and carefully tuned dedicated BBB server (with supporting TURN server) I deployed has had 240 people on a single call, and is used day and night by groups the world over.

Jitsi Meet, while lacking notepad, site-hosted recordings and some other presentation perks known to BBB, is now very performant for quick and simple calls.

Fantastic from @maira on the DWeb north star.

The Debate Over DWeb vs. Web3 & The Decentralized Elephant in the Room hypha.coop/dripline/debate-ove

Perhaps a planetary positive from all this. Only question is how long is short, as to coal dependency during transition - itself a casebook for all transitions to renewables.

"The EU plans a “massive” increase in solar and wind power, and a short-term boost for coal, to end its reliance on Russian oil and gas as fast as possible."


In protest to the invasion of Ukraine, a site was made to robo-call Russian government officials, connect them to each other, and let you listen in to their confusion wired.com/story/robo-prank-cal

(article may auth-wall, but loads in Tor or with clean cache)

Some good threat modeling posted by Otago University as to how my home country might fare during global thermonuclear war, some of which is applicable to planetary boundary traversal.

Much more could be said as regards the relative sovereignty of our communications infrastructure, where swathes of core infra (even in the gov sector) heavily resource platforms, assets and other services hosted off-shore.


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