Ok, This
1) Early Morning hrs.
2) All four rapist were taken to the crime scene to reconstruct the crime scene.
3) All four of them were without handcuffs.
4) One of the four signalled his group to snatch weapons.
5) All four of them snatched weapons and fired at Police.
6) The Police back fires and kill all four.
7) People ready with garlands and flowers.

Anyone good soul who can guide me on becoming an Android app developer!

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उन्नाव रेप केस व जलाने के आरोपियों को फांसी की मांग वो क्यों नही कर रहे है जो की हैदराबाद की घटना में धार्मिक एंगल खोज रहे थे. इसका कारण आरोपियों का सरनेम है;
हरिशंकर त्रिवेदी,
रामकिशोर त्रिवेदी,
उमेश बाजपेयी,
शिवम त्रिवेदी,
शुभम त्रिवेदी

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The book that tells you that earth was created 6000 years ago while you have scientific evidence even humans have existed for a period far longer than that, is based on facts. The book that tells you that a guy, in human form, with human physiology, lifted a mountain on his little finger is not a work of fiction. The book that recounts monkeys and bears talking in human languages is historically accurate.

But GDP is redundant.

Pass the joint bro!!

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@Dasbolshevik when ambedkar asked them to destroy hinduism/Brahmanism so as to annihilate caste, gandhi asked temples to allow dalits entry into temples. Dalits started going to temples. Ambedkar asked them not to do so, and instead end Brahmanism. They didn't listen.

Ambedkar never won an election despite reservation.

As long as there is patronage, caste will continue to exist, and leaders like ambedkar will keep losing.

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Uddhav Thackeray wants ‘in-depth probe’ into Justice Loya’s death buff.ly/2R7lCg0 Last year's news... Now that he is CM, will he Order the Probe..❓

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Murdered By Radioactive Isotope Poisoning: Lawyer Says in 209 Page Writ Petition Alleging Threat to His Life From Amit Shah buff.ly/2Fy33NN Satish Mahadeorao has alleged that he was offered Rs 200 Crore for the evidence he had on Loya’s death.

People from Maharshtra, if u need help in finding out the owner of vehicle for any reasons, here is what u need to do.
Type VAHAN(space) Reg no of vehicle with no space and send it to 7738299899.
Share it.

Lord Buddha monasteries and idols covered with saffron pastes, put on lal tikka and made them Hindu Gods.

@Gargron pls make a note of these news anchors /editors who are on a job to spread hate and fake news in India. Stay away from them.

A must watch Documentary "Kakkos" by Divya. Guys, she needs our support. Share it and show ur love @h_tejas


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