जसा कृष्णा भास्कर "कुलकर्णी" होता.
जसा दादोजी कोंडदेव "गोचीवडे" होता.
तसाच हा राम भगत गोपाल "शर्मा" आहे.
आडनाव लपवण्याची गरज नाही, आम्हाला माहीत आहे तुम्ही सर्व कोण आहात.

नीचा अंदर नीच जात, नीची हूं अति नीच।
नानक तिन के संगी साथ, वडियां सिऊ कियां रीस॥
- गुरु नानकजी

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No criminal record, no protest, yet Muslim men made to sign bonds in Uttar Pradesh, marking them Criminals for Life - One of them is a university topper.
buff.ly/2QkT0Ox Bogi Adityanath's Tyranny extends to Muslims who have not joined too

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Reposting this because...well...

UP police vandalising property and stoning civilian homes.

So finally Modi Shah succeeded in diverting the Countries attenrion from EVM, Economy and job crisis.
Matlab bada dhamaka honewala he.

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...and to confirm that the tweet below was send as SMS to 9248948837. Save this number. Register your Number with Twitter if not done.
Also a Tip: keep your post within 160 Characters.

I got an information from a reliable source, which is "Savarkar was convicted in London Court in a Rape case". Please pass this on as more information on this is needed.

This time Modiji smartly refrained from "Mujhe pacchas din dedo nahito phasi chadado".
He knew, Humans are not machines to be reprinted and CAB not gonna work.

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India doesn't need Rupee to compete with Dollor, our Onions are good enough.
Aaj ka bhav = Rs160/Kg.

These guys who work under blazing Sun and spread Bahujan literatures and look at us.
A pic i clicked at Chaitybhumi, Dadar, Mumbai.

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