@Saphire bordel c'est quoi ces trucs que je disais l'année dernière

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@Saturda mastodon.social master race, peux-tu test ? non.

I seriously need to get rid of eclipse. This thing is a bugfest.

You're a nerd when you've got a favorite algorithm.
(mine is backpropagation btw)

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@quad @Pako That's really not true. It's plenty safe to put most Rust and Go servers (they're fast and evented) straight on the internet. Not so much the others (slowloris).

I'm gonna get fucking destroyed for this but I don't find Felix cute.

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Remember Mastodon is not the place to have private conversation and exchange secret cake recipes. Security wise it (currently) is not build for this!

I think we should encourage Mastodon for social use. But keep using the appropriate tools for private conversations.

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@JustPingo Ah, but that would require developers to actually remember that algorithmic complexity is a thing and how to calculate it.

I wish programming docs would also include algorithm complexity for functions. Especially in Java where you've got a billion implementations of collections.

omelette du fromage avec de délicieuses fines herbes ah et des champignons aussi pour donner un peu de goût, autrement on pourrait lui reprocher d'être un peu fade

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Afin de ne pas induire en erreur les utilisateurs de Mastodon, ce serait cool si vous pourriez ajouter un point d'ironie (؟) dans votre pseudo et la mention "compte parodique" dans votre bio.

Chers utilisateurs, si vous connaissez un/des comptes parodiques qui n'utilise/nt pas ces significations, merci de les mentionner.


- CocoGraph(le gérant de ce compte)

PS: ping @numerama <3_<3

PS2: Le retoot est fortement apprécié.

Ok I wanted to make the animated version of my PP but Vegas Pro is shit and doesn't take mkv. Fuck.

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update: Admins can now easily close registrations with a custom message. In other news, I have closed registrations to mastodon.social for now ensure a quality of service for all existing ones, and to promote other federated nodes.


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