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Well the census bureau form came today and of course being republicans they left out the LGBT question. We are non-people to them.

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Florida - your presidential primary election is happening on Tuesday, March 17th.

Early voting is going on now. Please vote early if you can. Make sure you vote. It's important. It's more important than ever. 1/3

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Polling sites are being moved for outbreak safety reasons. Please check your site before you vote and remind others. 2/3

More polling sites moved over coronavirus fears, five days before Florida primary:

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Illinois - you have a primary election for the Democratic presidential nominee on Tuesday, March 17th plus other offices.

Early voting hours have been added due to coronavirus concerns.

Stay up to date. Try to vote early:

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Your Democratic Presidential Preference Primary is on Tuesday, March 17th if you didn't vote early.

This race is close & far from over. Election officials are asking voters to vote in off-peak times if possible.
Keep up to date:

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Does it feel like we're at a critical point in human history to anyone else?

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A whole heck of a lot of accounts just followed my invite here from the birdsite (Twitter) - too many to tag right now, but I will.

So glad to see more people here!

To start off, I recommend getting an app to use the site since it doesn't have it's own.

Some are:
IOS: Toot!, Amaroq, and Tootle
Android: Fedilab, Tusky, and Subway Tooter
Web browser: Whalebird

And here are more:

Then add a pic and a bio and go to the home button.


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