Songs you should play at Rush Limbaugh's funeral, go

Ugh, I wish I had boobs. I just can't fill out a dress like this 😒😭

The US economy of the 50s wasn't great because Americans were such hard workers. It was great because the rest of the world was rebuilding from the devastation of WWII, and high taxes on the rich.

Islamic friends: there's an app called Muslim Pro, and it's super awesome. It includes prayer reminders, daily verses from the Quran, and a compass that points to Mecca which also takes the angle of Earth's curve into account from your location

Leftists were saying "Hang Mike Pence" before it was cool

Chasing after a ping-pong ball is wildly dehumanizing

The one thing I'm really loving about Biden is how he talks while signing his orders, explaining exactly which ones do what.
Giving off some serious Bob Ross vibes

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Stealing from Walmart is a crime of compassion.

Mike Pence chose to attend the so he can look at the back of a president's head one last time

Roy Blunt can't go 5 seconds without insulting women.

And no, I do not listen to "Imagine" on repeat for 7 hours each day.
I'm not a weirdo.

They say that the first thought or feeling that you experience when you awaken is the energy that you will take into the world that day.
Today's energy is a flavour I call "John Lennon is a bitch"

The Russian word for "corpse" is in the animate tense.
This raises quite a few questions on my part

"Your password is too weak"
Well so is my self-esteem so pls let me keep it

I am a god and people treat me as such: by ignoring my existence until they need something from me

If I'm singing "Hooked on a Feeling" at the top of my lungs first thing in the morning, that's usually a sign...😏

Okay, hear me out: a vape, but instead of nicotine, it's serotonin

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