There are two wolves inside of me, one of them is gay, the other is also gay and, wait, hold on, what are they.. oh... OH... Ohh....

I'm a furry now

a grande drink at starbucks with the standard amount of pumps of flavoring in it (4 pumps) has 38 grams of sugar.

I looked in all my drawers for a clean pair of socks but all I can find is how fucking bisexual I am

"ahaha maybe you'll work for this store who has super bigotted white people clientelle since ur such a cool barista" uh hate to break it to u chief but no.

Like, there are ones with cool designs but they slide off your hair. there are ones that look cool but they're too tight and pull out your hair. and then there are really cool ones with sick as hell locking mechanism shit. and bobby pins that curve to fit around your head. those are THE SHIT

the nice thing about shoplifting barrettes is that half of barrettes suck. so its a good thing i dont pay for them.

sexual harrassment 2 

sexual harrassment 

tfw the real privilege of owning a car is not getting honked at by pervs when ur walking alongside the road


im covering a shift at this location i've never been to before and it's Extremely Yeehaw and i dont feel comfortable here

stumbled upon an antifascist porn/music video that has shots of antifa supersoldiers roughing up fash intercut with porn and now i cant get off unless the porn video has an explicitly antifascist or revolutionary message

love too watch the anime about lio fellatio and galo thighmos

would like to partake in, as the punk rockers say, the banging of ones finger

Update: tongue still has not recovered from when I burned it eating the coochie.

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