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i changed my pronouns 

hi i still dont use this platform as often anymore but I would still like to announce that I am using they/them pronouns now and IDing as nonbinary.

I am still ok with feminine descriptors for the being [girl, lady, woman, calling me pretty :)! ]

thamk u!

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hmm wonder if i should like. join a small instance again.

m.s is great but like definitely hard to find new people and stuff.

mastodon is talking about orbs again. i have been on this website too long


baby had their First Hangover Today. from 2 beer. the same 2 beer. I drink. Once a freaking week

ok so while we're here any of you thots know how to do taxes

1. "cuck" is a gender
2. fucking a guy's wife transes him

medical transition stuff 

i swear to hell by the time im done with all this, I will have had like 5-6 referal letters total written for me just so i can access shit lol

Help with food 

My property manager was slow getting me a rent receipt, so my food support application has been delayed a bit. Like everyone, I have bills to pay on top of groceries (~$100/week) and right now need help securing food. Anything helps.

Give to a Black/BIPOC person first.

Please boost.

#TransCrowdFund #CrowdFund #Nonbinary #ActuallyAutistic

oregon, pandemic help 

There's a one-time $500 payment from the state available if you need it. It's not much, but it's better than 0

doing my part to support female owned small businesses (onlyfans egirls)

God is basically a landlord if u think about it

- Doesn't maintain his property
- Doesn't give a shit about the tenants
- Doesn't have a real job

*logs off and falls asleep, begins levitating like in the exorcist but i keep floating away towards the sky into the moon*

*takes the estrogen and i start growing boobs and transforming into my hot sexy werewolf form*

my bot just called me "a fuckin' cracker" and I'm bodied

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