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Uhg! It is ridiculous that my place of work blocks Dropbox Paper. It's such a fucking great word processing resource.

Sure, I'd just be using it to write D&D shit while I wait for code tests to run, but it also has real work potential!

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No matter how hard I look elsewhere, this is probably the most perfect PC to walk into starbucks and sit next to a macbook air user with

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it’s too hard to find a D&D time that works with everyone’s jobs, so i have decided to end capitalism

Oh, I proposed yesterday.
They said "Yes."
So that's cool.

But also celebrate the delight that is Slaughter Colonizers Day!

Happy Hack the Corporate Holiday to celibrate whatever kind of love you like day!
The Hack is this: Buy no corporate shit, and use all the overblown reminders to take a day to celebrate love in it's many forms in your own witchy way!

I'm just frustrated because scheduling stretching my tongue is so tricky. Between dates and work, who's got time to expand the metal bar in the middle of their mouth?

Why do I have to work? Why can I not just have money for all the Body Mods, Art, and TTRPG that I could possibly handle?
Thanks capitalism. I could be a two tongued, pointy ear'd elf who runs the gayest D&D Theatre experience ever, but instead I'm a boring web developer vaguely working on an app that may contribute to the reduction of climate change if the company that employs us will listen to us.
/Kicks rocks/

My latest Barbarian is a direct rippoff of Red Magnus from Disgaea 5.

Generally, I like to play Clerics. But the last two characters I built for D&D were Barbarians. I still *actually* want to play a Champion Fighter, and a few other builds...

Writing a "Nightmare Love Affair," module for 10 candles, a delightful TTRPG for Tragic Horror games!

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Who are you people!?!
No, I mean @me with a quick condensed sentence or two that encapsulates your entire life existence and projects expected behaviors into the near to far future!
It's my favorite form of poetry.

Still recovering from a cold. I can't sling code, play complex videogames, or build a TTRPG character. This brain-fog is thick.

I wear my eyeliner like armor, you might not like how it looks, but it suits me just fine. Smokey black metal harness, wings like pauldrons sharpened spiked, heavy as an emo goth heart during the first break up of one true love. Your sirs and slurs bounce right off my cold iron chassis. Fight me.

Okay Maston, who's an entertaining person to follow? My feed is too samey.

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