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Working on a Dungeonworld-Esque Port of Classic World of Darkness. It's been fun so far!

Staring at a pile of python and bash.
There is no spark.
Games, videos, food.
All the same.
Shower, sex, love?
I'm not feeling any of it today.

Found my old records of the play I directed in the theatre I built. The shattered shards of that dream still slice my heart to ribbons. Maybe one day I'll be able to melt then down and cast a new form...

Had the best dream that I had found a repository of Nightcore remixes that had all been re-sung in I was delighted to compare two distinct translations of Cherry Gum...

Playing an Artificer that is inspired b Entrapta (She-Ra princess) and Bloody Stupid Johnson (Terry Prachet's Discworld character) . A delightful ball of energy who can't keep a secret, and has been hired by the crime lord "Our Lady of Shadows" as something of a grease-man and crime engineer.

Really Enjoying Dungeon World so far. It's great to finally be a player in a PnP RPG, especially one where I'm not an expert in the rules. It's just so refreshing.

My mind is still feckin' blown that I was outed by how I feckin' curse. What, has no one else read McDonagh?

So weird to have a day of relaxing and no production. Just taking it easy with few responsibilities for the day.

uh your boobs are fine i guess, but where are those sweater puppies you promised

Okay Mastodon, new life question: How do you even buy a car? I've never even started this horrible process, and it would behoove me to find out.

Hey Fediverse, anyone got a quick guide on using Mastodon on a phone?

So I'm trying to write a poem every day. That's... going poorly.

Oops I just spent half an hour writing D&D rules... feck.

What if I got overwhelmed and cried as a joke? That'd be a pretty good goof, I feel. 👍

Nuerodivergence issues:
* Sick if I take my focus/Anxiety meds
* Can't focus/feel anxious if I don't.

Which do I value more? Mental or physical comfort? Ughhhh I didn't expect my OkayCupid answers from 2010 to comback and haunt me so soon.

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