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I'm designating my self the feckin angry aunt of all amab non-binary folk. You are all beautiful and valid.

It's so curious how often amab non-binary folk are afraid of coming out, for fear that they will be taking up space that belongs to other people.

Something like internalized transmisogyny, but like... Not explicitly anti-womanhood... A word for the systematic structures that insist nb bodies are skinny afabs in dapper clothes

Comrades I need your brains!

blows my mind that there are people out there who are libertarians and are older than 14

"but Just a Galadin" you say, "that song has transphobic lyrics!" Fool. Pathetic. did you ever consider the possibility that it was actually a man wearing a chiffon skirt? Men can wear skirts especially when it's not played for laughs. And Brendon Urie is trans. Fight me.

Gods damn it, I meant don't threaten me with a good time, not emperor's New clothes.

To be fair, I did Red Right Hand and it was way akward, because I guess Cave Nick is isn't mainstream enough? I knew I should have done panic at the Disco, but they didn't have emperor's new clothes. What am I going to do? Sing I write sins like some nostalgic hack?

Went out with co-workers last night, and had a surprising amount of fun doing karaoke with them. Who the fuck am i?

So yeah, the Butchers is to get several pints of blood (used in blood sauces) to pasturize and bathe in. Specifically with one of my partners.

Fuck! I lost my PA captive on a stranger-date in Seattle and I didn't even take my pants off! We only cuddled. The Western understanding of karma is a farce!

Dear Mastadon Support team, how do I insert one of them handy image descriptions using mastalabs?

That military shill can stuff his first legal non-binary claims up his ass. ( I'm talking about a man who now uses he/him pronouns ) He doesn't get to be our voice. He doesn't get to take gender away from us.

Some loser coming at me because I told her not to translate fylgjur as 'spirit animal.' Throwing insults at me like I'm not a fecking witch who practices the old ways.

Like, naw, ya glassy feck-turnip, I just respect first people's requests for fecking courtesy and respect.

Split image: top image is put together cute anime character with text that reads "Profile Picture". Bottom image is same character in the middle of strong emotional response in an unkept manner, with text that reads "Tagged Pictures."

Any more unimaginably unsafe than throwing a grenade at a piece of alien tech?

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